Thursday, May 31, 2012

Only The Silence Remains

Are you the pillar
and I the earth
your vision to the sky
my solitude –
between the roots.

In discord – you chill me
what must I do, but heave
to reach your height of frost
while my heated thoughts
smolder by the fire.

What contentions
do our minds pretend to play
when your columns are so high
and my dissension –
a sentiment away.

Then what is left to say
when all the words have gone
and only –
the silence remains.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer's Rain

Your ripened lips
drench me,
like a summer’s rain
and the cherries blossom
on the youth of limbs.

Can you feel the weight
of the burning sun
as the purple lilacs sway
and the golden hair of wheat
makes love –
to the fields.

Monday, May 28, 2012

She Is

I wait for her
as the Robin, waits for the worm
chest full - all puffed up
a spryness to my step
and an eagerness
which my chirp conveys.

She is the food
that wets my lips
and that my body craves.

She is the tenderness
that my heart and arms desire.

She is my life -

my substance -

She is my Love

Unlike The Seed

In the mix
of the battle fought
the carnage.......
burroughs deep. 

Unlike the seed
it drinks the soul
and withers –
the leaves of mind.

Until the tree of man
is fell.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I’ll Just Stand Still

I’ll just stand still
looking at the sun
and stare it down
until it lets me in.

I’ll just stand still
surrounded by pages
wrapped tight
with curled edges
which explain the night.

I’ll just stand still
until I see the glimmer
waiting for the stars
to explain my life.

From the morning
till the end of the sea
haze of the afternoon
as I watch the red skies.

I’ll just stand still
and watch the night
until the blue eyes
of morning –
watch me.

Friday, May 25, 2012


You hide me -
in the recess of your mind
the furthest block
a box
as smooth as new.

But all the other ones I see
are chipped -
tossed about -
and opened many times.

Silk is my skin -
so thin am I
this smooth box
with a tarnished flap of mind.

I feel the weight of you
this crushing loss of breath
hoping that you'll see me
and open me to you -
or let me go.

No longer trapped
forgotten -
in this pristine place
hidden -
in the back of your mind.

What Tomorrow Brings

You are a stranger
who soaks my sheets
leaving me ingrained
with marks upon my back
and wrinkled thoughts of mind.

Now I sit on this ledge of life
feet dangling -
with these to’s and fro’s
as I am left to ponder
what tomorrow brings.

In All The Faith

She lost faith in me
and lost the love of hope
rubbed her hands together
smoldering in this friction
a sudden clap –
to make me listen
to stay or maybe go away
waking past the fears
but unsure with all this doubt
left standing –
not knowing how she felt
drifting in the sea
where’s the shelter
of your heart
don’t let me fall apart
tell me where the faith is
so we can start –
forgetting all the rain
remembering all the fun
regaining all the faith
to just be you –
so I can just –
be me
and we can both
believe again –
in all the faith.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can I

Can I say goodbye
if I roll my window down
Can I hold your hand
if I have no words
Can I show you pictures
of the life we had.

Can I touch your skin
or will my fingers… burn
Can I talk
or will your heart…. react
Can I hold you – once again
or will my tears – bring the rain.
Can I dream of you
Can I whisper to the silence
Can I think of you tomorrow
Can I just be –
your friend.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

His Last Breath

The lion sleeps
in the comfort of his heart
while the claws digest
in the belly of the beast.
Turmoil, twist and tears
now knotted is the mane
and the pride, long gone.
Where lays the open peace
the Savannah once held
these gentle windswept fields
where the golden hair of sun –
once lay.
No longer can his roar be heard
as the silence claims the day
and parched is the earth
where his tears fall between the cracks
never to be seen again.
He rests his head
and prays for death
he listens for the night to come
no longer does he wish to roar
but to hear the sweetness –
of his last breath.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Deeper Than The Flesh

I don’t know how it got this far
but my love is deeper than the flesh
a transparency, which I can’t deny
or this lucidity, I see -
in the depth of your blue veins.

As I articulate my tongue
do you not feel the same
or is this a game of futility
and I’m, just misunderstood.
You are the one, who engages life
while I watch the wheels turn
then spin around three times
and hope the answers come.
I don’t know how it got this far
but my love is deeper than the flesh
if this you understood
then the rest
you’d understand.

To See The Bridges

I want to see the bridges
that span between
for you are
that savoured land
that only I can see.
To stretch to you
past these beams of hope
tossing girder’d thoughts behind
so they may fill the void
these years – of loneliness.
What shape
does our structure play
and all that lies between
obstacles of nothingness
except what we
may make believe.
I want to see the bridges
that span too far
so we can tear them down
and walk between
refreshing what we had
and joining
in what will be.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lake of Tears

He watches the rain pour in
as the black clouds
gather overhead.

Emotions thunder
sparks fly
and the siren by the lake
begins to sing.

A heart expelled
pierced by the shrill of air
as she smiles at him.

Call me home
allure me
take me there.

Run your fingers
through her golden hair
kiss her neck
her lips –
then drown me
by the lake of tears.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Untitled Poem

When time has lost the time of day
and no sounds can be heard -
what is left to say.
When a withered leaf
falls from the tree
and no wind finds it way
then all that growth of youth
will be gone -
and no journey…..
will be made.


We first met
in the darkness of night
I would hold her to me
strike a word
to light her
see the flicker
in her eyes
as the hardness
dripped away.

Now I watch her
this vision in my mind
a flicker of a candle
which over time –
melts away.

She was my light –
and now
that I can’t see
I realise
that the wind of life
has taken her –

Monday, May 7, 2012

I Want To Tumble

I want to tumble –
tumble through the dark of life
and spill into the light.

Then roll end…… over end
until I find my equilibrium
and stand balanced
between these two feet.

And then I want to plunge
headlong into this froth of life
and drink……
until my thirst is gone.

Then pour me into the sea
so I may float away
and the waves
can tumble…. me.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Once More

Old words, which you once read
left scattered on the floor
now forgotten and upside down
just a book upon your shelf –
am I no more.

Perhaps I’m torn
tarnished at the edge
but I ask – is that not a sign
that I was once well read.

When we first met
you held me….
like a newborn leaf
just fallen from the tree.

You breathed me in
I was more than just a scent
dare I say –
I was once the very essence
and nothing less, nor more.

I’ll wait…..
one day you’ll see me sitting here –
your old friend
perhaps, I’ll be propped against the door
you’ll dust me off – invite me in
and you and I – will read together
once more.