Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where Is

Where is the sun at night
when no dreams come along
and the stars fade…
when they see the morning grey?

 Where is the sunset
in the darkness of her eyes –
or refreshing breeze of words
to steady the sails of day?

 Where is the freedom
when the world spins around
and a hug –
when you’re alone?

Where is the garden
where fresh seeds are born
and life, like déjà vu
where everything –
and life
still exist?


Sunday, July 20, 2014

On This Hollow Drum

Left to wonder
about the beat
of a hollow drum –
broken skin
worn rough
this torn heart within.

 Each precious little fibre
ripped and disconnected -/-
of a picture
now unseen.

And all that’s left
is a torn hide
were butterflies… once danced
but now ~ ~ have flown away.

Raw emotions
the rhythm of a life
what used to beat
now, nothing heard
no reverberation back –
on this hollow drum.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

In The End

Have you ever had a friend
who doesn’t understand –

You try and try…..
and try again…..
but it never seems to end.

You give a hint
or outright say!!

But they just turn
the other way
a bit too much cheek
if I had to say.

You try to chat
to say hello –
and ask about their day…
you do your bit - to be polite
but you know how it goes.

You send them cards
and trinkets too –
in the hope that they will smile
and maybe say Hello….

But you know how that goes
they just hide away
ignoring you
as they laugh with other ‘friends’.

So what is one to do?

You sit and sulk
and try to understand –
because they tell you
that you’re still a friend.

You count the times
that you’ve talked to them
then …..wait a moment
how many times….
have they talked to you –
1 and 2 and 3 and 10
wow 100 from you
but I only count 1 or 2 from them.

But that’s okay
because they’ll make it up
when your birthday comes along –
they’ll send a card… that says hello
because they know that makes you smile.
But in the end you get a 2-word text –
then it’s you who doesn’t understand.

They say it doesn’t matter,
so why worry so much!

Ah, but that’s the thing you see
it’s because you care –
and they’ve just never….


This thought could go on and on…
there’s so many things to say
but then again
they’ve already been said
so many times before.

But who can blame them
those wee poor souls –
with their heads buried so far in
and choose to ignore
their friends
when they just don’t understand
that one good hand
makes one good friend –
in the end!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Centre Stage

Centre Stage
begins in the wings
these dark shadows
of props and humans
and sirens –
which sing.
Swollen souls
drowned sorrows
and egos –
all barks of judgement
no ears…
just speak.
Centre stage
or an illusion –
enforced magic
this blend of humanity
with sharp angles
for delusion.
But it’s this story of birth –
that ends in the grave…
of magic and love
and the belief in hearts.

Now that’s the thing –
about centre stage.
A flash of anger
when all tricks fail –
just before… the smile…


Friday, July 11, 2014

In The Fruit Of Hope

fed like fodder
into the mouth of hell –
down the waterfall
smashing on the hearts

Leaving one to think
that they must go down
to the frothy curls
the whitecaps
of the human sea –
with the courage
to wash the soul.
is the cleansing seed
when buried
in the fertile earth
of flesh and heart –
then allowed to grow.

is in the branches
and the taste
in the fruit of hope.


Monday, July 7, 2014


Don’t play me a heart
on cat strings
which cry…
or ruby lips
or thighs.

You live on the edge
the fringes…
of my life –
a blur
of hope
or nothing –
but a wolf.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Where Words Fail

You say words express –
inspire –
they speak of love
and life
and desire

Words are like milk
creamy…. smooth
silk upon your tongue –
or sour
turning inner peace
to acidic bile.
- - -

My heart dances
to the rhythm of a moonlit night
a shimmer of time
on the water of life –

As words, pour from her
running down me
like sweat that drips from my temples –
and no summer breeze can cool.
- - -

Then words bite,,,
as the rabid dog snarls its teeth –
gnashing, grinding
each letter defined by blood.
- - -

Words are speechless
when no meaning

The only truth
lies within –

So watch the eyes
the nervous twitch
for this is where words fail –
when they cannot describe
the darkness
from the spell of light.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Still Linger

If your love remains
just a moment longer…
then time exist
beyond the flesh
of yesterday
and the depth
of lines of life
today –

will it still linger
in me?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dirt Demands An Answer

A tree
without roots
feels the soft wind
as the totem pole leans
to see
the many faces –
but the dirt
demands an answer
when the earth
falls away
and the sky
screams dark…
like a new moon –
to the rhythm ˜˜˜
of death.

Before the seed of life
begins again.