Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Would Save Marilyn

This is certainly not my typical type of poem. I felt it appropriate to write this in a first-person perspective and although I don’t often preface my poems, felt this was a good exception to do so.  Most men always feel that if they had an opportunity, they could have saved Marilyn Monroe.  The vision that came to mind was of a lonely man at his end – similar to Marilyn.  He’s lying on the bed drinking to his demise, knowing that Marilyn is long dead and the only way to save her is to die.  The rest is up to the reader’s imagination.

I woke with a plan
...to get drunk;
and drunk again
then when I wake,
dizzy with life....
I would save Marilyn.

Soft and silent
enveloped the pills
of a thousand disguises
but neither us……
had the talent to believe.

When we woke up
life wasn’t there
only the cruelty
of what was done
and the secret demon
that seized our differences
and dragged them –
beneath the floor.

Joe sent roses
Arthur wrote plays
while all the other men
believed they to…..
could have saved Marilyn
but it’s I who died trying –
at the end.

Monday, July 30, 2012

What Windows Reveal

Windows show the life
they show the dirt
the sorrow
the shadows – and
they show the whys
the inner moments
all our thoughts
the pains – as
they reflect our eyes
this is what –
windows reveal…..
when we walk by.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

His Memories

His heart lies
beneath the stone
where freedom –
cannot see.

His memories
churned in earth
where roots of love
should be.

His life
is not forgotten
nor the touch – of his
remembered hands.
His respect not lost
for he continues –
to live in me.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


What a charade
is this feigning flesh
a pretense of the past
so deceptively deceived
are these memories.

Is what they’re looking for
what they’ll find
or a debased travesty
known within the mind –
of a brazen tasteless life
just a pantomime of words
left filmed upon the tongue.

What a charade
is this feigning flesh
a multitude of frauds
which leaves.....
the rest of us –

Friday, July 27, 2012

When The Pendulum Falls

Watching grey clouds
fold into wrinkled eyes
as minutes march
to the top of hours
while I stand by
yelling at the day.

Where did they go –
those unknowns’
moments over time…..
it’s a different story now
as I’ve lost my kite
in the wispy wind of years.
And no amount of soul
can kiss the lips
when the pendulum falls
and the time –
turns into night.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Set Of Stairs

A set of stairs
not one but two
some up
some down
but when I look around
I simply sat
to wonder all the souls –
who’ve tread……
and left a trail of creaks.

The weight of life
has worn us down
to a hollow middle plane
yet still…..
we jut our nose
so it can take the brunt.
Now on the landing we stand
on firmly solid ground
to pause a moment –
look up,
then down –
so we can choose
our path.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Even On The Darkest Nights

Nerves exposed
sleepless emotions
dead weight…….
on hollow rafters
which scrape the floor
then watch –
as all the little thoughts –

Eyes closed
to watch the wind
who else can blow away
the clouds –
perhaps a friend
who can wrap around
their arms.

in these blue eyes
who knows the pain of days
but lucky are the stars
for they brighten you
even on the darkest nights.

Jukebox Eyes

Where are you
where have you gone
my ears can still taste –
the flavour…. of your lyrics.

These lost echoes
in a chapels steep
to the warmth of amber
in my ‘mourning’ tea.
Memories –
of old records play
in my jukebox eyes
as I still hear
the sound of you.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Abacus Mind

An Interesting thing – you and I
we wash emotions like dirty cloths
and hang them inside to dry.

We wrap them in a towel
tightly wrung tissues of our soul
then we watch them drip.

These un-drying tortures
leaving tears between the eyes
sliding thoughts from side to side
on our abacus minds.

An Interesting thing – you and I
one bares the soul
to dry the cloths
while the other one runs
hoping the wind –
will dry the tears.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

That’s Not So Bad

You’ve drunk from my cup
but now you can’t swallow life
with your vision blurred
your cries unheard –
unsteadily you reach
to only grasp
thin air.

Breathe life into me
cleanse my lungs
my passions be
restore a faith
which broke –
this fragile me.

If I bent my knees
and looked at you
saying –
that now I understand
how such a puzzled “peace”
I took for granted land
which I once misunderstood
but shall never do –

Breathe life into me
so I can be the same
but sadly –
I know you can’t
so I’ll just be –
a different me.

And after all
that’s not so bad.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Un-Engaging Is The Sky

is the sky.

Grey, white and Black.

The winds blow
to a howling laughter heard
as the clouds distort the sun –

And no smile is seen.

Hands to reach
which cover hidden eyes –
as the brightness
begins to fade.

is the sky.

As the world revolves
to turn around and see
that love
is on the other side.

But un-engaging
is the one who cries –
when they have lost their smiles
regardless of the one who tries.

is the sky.

Grey, white and Black.

As the wind fades away
to try another corner –

of the sky.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

What I’m Not

Can you feel
the depth of mercy
or fill the void.

Can you feel
your destiny
or the air.

Can you feel
this graveled earth
or only your despair.

Can you feel
my arms
or the solitude of peace.

Can you feel
the heavens
or your soul.

Can you feel
the fire
or struggles, which burn.

Can you feel
my hand
my heart
my soul
or understand.

Can you feel
the passion
or only –

what I’m not.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Cruelty of Truth

He watches his reflection
to find the light
and scans the darkness
which hides beneath the glass.

A silver moon
glimmers at the eyes
showing off the future
written on the wrinkled skin.

The walls dissolve
the mind begins to whisper
as thoughtless silence
distorts the shape.

Humid is the storm
which perspires…..
soaking the parched hide –
of this shrivelled past.

Can you hear the lullaby’s
as she begins to sing.

Silvered thoughts
of swallowed youth
searching through….
the cruelty of truth.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Destiny

I cannot send you love today
for I cannot see your eyes.

A day to watch the river
the current of emotions
a train of thoughts…..
which rumble by.

I long to understand
what my heart – just gave away
to feel the breeze of words
or the tears…. that come.

I cannot send my love today
for in your absence
I knew… that you forgot my name.

A pretty flower – open to the sun
now looks down… upon the earth
she forgets about the shadows
when the lights go dim.

I cannot send my love today
for your eclipse has turned me cold.

So I’ll walk towards the sun
towards the sea
and feel the waves….. awash
until my heart is wrung of tears.

I cannot send my love today
until your words…. refresh your purity
and our destiny –
has been renewed.