Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Would Save Marilyn

This is certainly not my typical type of poem. I felt it appropriate to write this in a first-person perspective and although I don’t often preface my poems, felt this was a good exception to do so.  Most men always feel that if they had an opportunity, they could have saved Marilyn Monroe.  The vision that came to mind was of a lonely man at his end – similar to Marilyn.  He’s lying on the bed drinking to his demise, knowing that Marilyn is long dead and the only way to save her is to die.  The rest is up to the reader’s imagination.

I woke with a plan
...to get drunk;
and drunk again
then when I wake,
dizzy with life....
I would save Marilyn.

Soft and silent
enveloped the pills
of a thousand disguises
but neither us……
had the talent to believe.

When we woke up
life wasn’t there
only the cruelty
of what was done
and the secret demon
that seized our differences
and dragged them –
beneath the floor.

Joe sent roses
Arthur wrote plays
while all the other men
believed they to…..
could have saved Marilyn
but it’s I who died trying –
at the end.

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