Thursday, May 30, 2013

On The Wind

Where there is wind
there is thought.

Close your eyes
and feel the earth –
the spinning……
just beneath.

Lay down……
and catch your breath  
the sun upon your cheek.

Run your hands……..
through the grass
feel the depth –
feel the past.

Open your eyes
and purse your lips
breathe deep –
and kiss the wind.

Where there is wind
there is hope….
and hope sails –
on the wind.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


We are but vapours
suspended in air
that coexist
but disappear –
a wisp of time
before bells ring
and their echoes fade
then no longer…..
are we here –
though each chime
a memory
of those…..
that once were.

Monday, May 27, 2013

To Be Reborn

Where is the light
when the sun goes
and the darkness
when the moon………
slides across the sky.

Where are thoughts
when windows hide the pain
and eyes reveal………
a thousand shades of soul.

Where is love
when lips depart
and cracks appear –

Where is the touch
to mend the tears
to hold the limbs
caress the thoughts
and shine a light………
so skin may feel the lips
repairing what's within
allowing life –
to be reborn.


Threads bind us together
uncaring – the colour of our flesh
they entwine our souls
allow our skin to breathe
like the freedom of words
else they die…..
at our feet.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Take The Lines

Take the lines
the words and the script –
pry them apart
to make a space
not an illusion –
nor a distorted mind….
just a space for emotions –
and the truth.

Moon's Overhead

I woke up alone
with a heavy head
fitful and broken
lamenting the end.

No sheets, or curtains
or days without sun –
a funnel of life >>>>
thoughts that descend.

But where are the tears
when the dread runs away
and the moon's overhead –
do they clean the window
so life can begin.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Thousand Words

You took me from the dark
with a thousand words
and a spark of life –
where did you go
can you hear me now
or did you see the other side
so very far away from here
where all the memories….
feel so free – to come and go
but I still….. believe in you
as I listen to those thousand words –
and always will.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Coming Home For You

At the end of the dark
the light begins to dance
it leaves a spot – then a mark
which tears at the glass
rushing towards the sky
just to see….. the sunshine
this shadow in the dark
a tower at the end
this road to Rome
I've seen the light
fought the darkness
and the cold of night
the rushing of the waves
stand still –
I'm coming home…..
for you.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Middle Of The Square

Columns stand... to hold the square
And silently they bear the weight
Watching - as life walks by.....
A city centre, with legs and arms
And a bell, which chimes -
The sound unnoticed.... eyes of time,
which fade away –
As do people,  at the end of day
Yet the columns stand.... to watch the sun
While listening..... to the quiet of the night
As they watch –
The middle of the square.


A Bunch Of Short Poems/Ramblings

This is just a bunch of stuff I've written but either never completed or just forgotten about…..
He withers in the storm
like a leaf on a narrow limb
holding dearly…. to her
he emotionally swings.

She cups him, in her gentle hands
just underneath his cheeks
eye to eye….she whispers
you’re a precious leaf - to me.



What if the sky turned grey
what then… would you see
if the sun hid behind the stars
and the moon overshadowed me -
would flowers wither
and my beating heart….
fade away.


A connection is the hand
that reaches out.
A calm touch -
to caress the mind.
The knowledge of life -
in a dark sky.
A shining light - of a friend.


Carry me across the ocean
carry me to you
lay me on a beach
without a rocky shore
then wash away my sand
and bury me …. in you.


He wakes up in a fog
and sips at his honeyed tea –
savouring this elixir – while she lays
in dreams of oiled limbs.... shimmering –
a pool where he dips his thoughts
caressing… interior of whims.....


If she understood
the darkness just beyond his light -
or the flow of tears that drowns him....
or the shadows in the corners of his heart...
which he cups tightly,
so she won't see through his porous night.

If she only understood,
by the feel of his trembling hands...
that he was but a broken man -
she'd realize..... there was nothing left of him....
but a few scattered fragments -
now left behind....
the rest – have found the wind.


When time has lost the time of day
and no sounds can be heard -
what is left to say.

When a withered leaf
falls from the tree
and no wind finds it way
then all that growth of youth
will be gone -
and no journey…..
will be made.


Her heart sings
so love resounds
and forever the echo heard –
for these sweet notes
he carries…. a “peace” from her
as she is always –
within his cherished arms.


She heard me age
by reading all my groans
written on those tattered pages
born from every day -
within a life.....
stripped of chapters
each word written  -
for her.


How much
do you have to live
before you understand
or lived a life
that you hadn't learn so much from.


Enchant me
place a spell upon my heart
cast your whims
to draw me in
then tear at my cloths
and discover -
who I am.


His shadow wanes, as the day
slips away ……
revealing what is left
when his soul -
is pressed
for time 


Where is the wind
when I need the air
as I tear at these cloths
so my skin can breathe -
then I peel away the heat of day
when I've been soaked in crowds
to find the cool bareness of night
and my eyes can reach the stars
as I draw in my breath
and taste the breast of life.


Machines grind away
until the loss of day
when dark shadows of humanity
slither from their crevices
while others..... too afraid
slip away
and turn from clay to stone
secretly they pray
that time.....
won't disappear
then only shadows
will remain.


Sand bites his skin
as white-caps sail....
to crest upon the shore.

Mother of the wind
reminds the withering souls
that time is but a solitary game of man
which in the end....
she will always win.


He lived in her eyes
and with each seductive blink
his heart beat....
as if it were a separate entity
but when she turned away
his eyes became un-fastened
the moment lost....
from her gaze.


There is no accuracy of thought
no clarity of mind
but single moments
clashes against the clock
caught between the measured hands.....
of time.


Wheels within wheels turned
as each thought raced
and the mind pondered the outcome;
then the stream of logs, began to jam.


It's the pain inside
that silences the lips
so the courage can't escape
and the man -
hides behind his face
so the pride prevails
until the mirror
shows disgrace.


She calls him names
to extrapolate emotions
a commotion -
to internalize
all subjective to the nerves
now bunched and bundled
deep within the core
screaming with audacity
a sensation he must ignore
and neglect -
no retaliation
of an accusation made in jest
for in reality
it's all about a princess
and a frog.   

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Untitled Poem/Song/Mess

Love is like the world
it's all around – and round
surrounding everyone
like vibrations of music
which are my friends
even on those darkest nights
just me when I'm on my own
a connection to the world
a painting on the wind
it's still a friend
this love, which abounds.

Monday, May 13, 2013

When One Is Left Alone

What is love
what's it really all about
an absurdity of doubts
behind closed doors –
obscured in the mirror
when one looks…….
and doesn't
recognise them self.

If I looked back
would I turn…. into stone
would I see no one else
would I be all alone
with all these uncertainties –
and doubts.
What is the word of love
when gone unheard –
just curiosities
and empty hearts
that feel the hurt –
when one is left alone.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Morning Dawn

I sat to watch the sunset
and drank the depth of sky
as the long of day –
began the journey by…..
to find the morning dawn.

I sat to watch the sunset
and dream with glistening eyes –
of tomorrow's beauty
her hand entwined ~ ~ ~ ~
with mine.

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'll Hold You

Lead me from the darkness
Lead me home –
will you be waiting
when I knock on the door –
if I kiss your lips
will the world turn sweet
or will the bitter wind return
and the river…..
run to the murky tides.

But don’t turn away
when I look at you
when I look in your eyes
Lead me from the darkness
Lead me home –
and like a dream holds the night
I'll hold you.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Emotions All Drained Out

She drowns my heart
as a sailor bails to the wood
both struggling to survive.

Now left empty
a bucket filled with holes
and emotions...........
all drained out.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I stood in life -
for her eyes to reach out
and when they did.....
they took away the stillness
which filled the air
and the only thing that remained
were the echoes ~ ~ ~
of those lonely years
which now -
have faded.......

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Men Are False

Men are false
nothing but a bare shade
flat upon the cold earth
a merger, between soil and soul
soured, by thought and greed –
and the suffering….. of mind.

So when each bell tolls . . . . .
a memory reverberates
molded clay – cast in flesh
absorbs another death
as false men lie
like resounding politicians ……
born – to die alone.