Friday, November 30, 2012

The Fading Skies

He walks to trouble -
it's always at his feet
or just beneath the rails
when he travels too far.

But more than not
he has to bite his words
when his tongue -
is not onboard
and his teeth -
are left to clank.

On this fast track -
as he runs to trouble.

He's so tired
when he's left to toe the line
like memories which follow
leaving him - undefined.

Now he lies behind
this swinging door
a trap beneath a roof
all that’s left -
is behind his eyes
where he lays and counts
the fading skies.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Memories Of Time

I walk with you
along the streets of mind
no footsteps fall
or the click of heels heard
as darkness wraps around -
these memories of time.

Like black clouds of obscurity
with scattered sparks of ash
trudging through the thickest crumbs
as the moral compass finds the path.

When rainfalls - like sodden words
lay heavy on my tongue
now slick of throat -
I wander round
a grey-coat tightened
keeping out the thoughts of cold.

Then the darkness fades away
when eyes open
the crowed walk is done
a decision now been made
as the memories of time
take a bow - and walk away
my new day.

Monday, November 26, 2012

NEWS - My Book Is OUT! :-)

My book has been approved for distribution this morning and is available immediately at this site:

And will be available at the following sites within the timeframes indicated:

- 5-7 Business Days
- Amazon Europe: 5-7 Business Days
- Expanded Distribution channels: 6-8 Weeks
Note this is the actual "Trade Paperback" version and not an eBook.

Additionally, this has been a long time in the making and a wonderful creative means, which has helped me tremendously in dealing with some of my military experiences.

So whether it sells a single copy or not, it is and always has been the process, which has been the most important factor.  Just as important, are the lessons to my children that regardless of what life heaps upon you, there is always a means to find a positive solution.

Most importantly, I wish to thank everyone who has supported me and my poetry, which I appreciate, is not always the best nor the most feel good type.  However, it is always real and is always a part of me - creatively that is :-)

So thank you all!



P.S. I realise I rarely respond or make personal comments, but that has more to do my PTSD than any other reason.  So please don't misconstrue my lack of comments for insolence, as that is far from the case and I enjoy ready everyone's comments, which are greatly appreciate.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Where I Peer Out

Just above - where I peer out
is a dark and dingy room
damp within the corners deep
where tears of love once sat
now dark streaks upon the floor
seep towards the edge
to only find… the door is locked
so beware the thoughts -
that creep on by------
for they do not care for you -
nor do they care for I.

I'm Home

When I'm in your arms
that's when I'm home -
all the mountains gone
I'm stronger now
because the river…..
found its way
down…. to you.

I knew it was true
the moment I saw your eyes
I knew I'd walk to you
I found the courage -
I found the truth
so I tore -
the mountain down
no longer could I wait
or wait to walk around.

Veins flooded
courage found
chaos tossed aside
I gave myself to you
and followed the river
the river of time
until I hit the mountain
but I tore it down
no longer could I wait
or wait to walk around.

And now I'm in your arms
and that's when I know -
I'm home

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Behind Me

You're just a step behind
as I watch you crawl along
this shadow
an outer layer of sin -
which haunts me.

So who is the victim
is it you or I
and what tales,
have you dragged along.

Can you feel the sun
as you continue….
to taunt me
a secret which burns
between you… and I.

So how can I -
wash away the doubt
when you're one step closer
behind me.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Breath Of You

Carry me across the seas
until I feel the shores of you
an ebb and tide….which pulls me
into the splash of love
a pristine land anew
which holds me like an undertow
wrapping me in silky arms -
until I fall asleep
then kiss me in the morning
like the warmth of sun
and no longer will I be parched
as I've sailed into my port of home
and drank the breath of you.

Completely Drained

I wanted to see the colours
to smell the vibrancy of life
and to be the cloth you wear.

There were no limits
just undefined moments
that you and I -
have shared.

But then you left
you never said a word
but I knew you said goodbye.

And there I was - exposed
thinking all these torn thoughts
and when you're naked to the world
you must be unashamed.

Because you took the plug out
our collection of moments -
and me….. completely drained.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Your New Path

Watch the storm
when emotions rise
this sea that pounds ashore
and takes away the hand.

A steady beat of rain
this ebb and flow
now pouring tears
until they touch
the drowning heart
cast upon the floor.

Now watch the waves
as they begin to crash
leaving solitude
and dark clouds behind.

A castaway - forgotten
on a torn deserted beach
a place of destitute
with rags of thought
and only your two feet.

Raise above the storm
bare your back
and forget the beating
these shadows
of a darkened moon.

Rinse your soul
and feel the warmth
as a pristine day approaches
unwinding …..
your new path.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Lost in You

Every word you breathe -
is the truth
every kiss - my dreams
every touch -
you feel my needs -
when you hold me
you take the weight away
and my shoulders stand up straight
because you give them hope in life -
witnessed like a birth.

Every word you breathe -
is the truth
every kiss - my dreams
that’s just the way it seems to me
and it's all because of you
as every word you breathe -
is the truth.

And every truth -
means the world to me
and I'm lost in your world
and lost in you -
is where I want to be.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Penny For Your Thoughts

How many pennies do you need
will they feed your wants
or starve your desires
find you friends
or buy you love.

Will your skin turn copper
will your veins turn to gold
or a weight to drag you down
as your face turns old -
how many pennies do you need.

If you're lost - can you leave a trail
to find your way back home
write a list - so you can watch it grow
where else can you go from here
when your pennies disappear
and you've lost your way.

Can you believe this curse
when you wake up
in the middle of your day
you have no friends
they've all be paid
can anything be worse.

What changes can you make
can you spell or count it out
I'd really like to know
and I'll pay
so here's a penny…..
for your thoughts.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Open Wide

Close your eyes
then spin around
rearrange life
and turn it -
inside out.

Close your eyes
are all the lights out
then spread …..
the words around
until you find
the one you want
all the rest can wait -
until they're found.

Close your eyes
hold my hand
a kiss upon your cheek
now look around
and you'll notice….
that all the lights are on.

Close your eyes
and open wide
the life you want
is just inside
so if you believe in angels
then dreams are where they hide
and all you have to do to find them
is close….. your eyes
and open wide.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Returned To Calm

She never ran
but was pushed by the wind
this blow to her heart
a lost ship on high seas
turmoil tossed in sins
a telescopic gaze
looking for the calm
as the battered sheets
tied to the worn rigging of life
now feel torn….. within.

Can you taste the salt
now dried upon my skin
for there are no more tears
and nothing left to shed
as life's seas -
have now returned to calm.

Standing By My Side

I never heard your words
they changed each time I turned
but when I spun around
no longer were you there.

Then with nothing much to do
I sat and watched the stars
until I saw the moon
in hope, I'd dream of you.

What have you done
what did you say
I tried to change
but never heard your words
each phrase became too much
you never sat around
and each day became too long.

So I stood and walked away
towards the ocean and the spray
it was then I heard your words
with the clarity of mind
and when I spun around
there you were -
standing by my side.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I've Not Forgotten You

It's what I remember
all my friends
all those places
all that fun
like it was just…. yesterday.

Now, how far away
has the wind…. blown them
or across the ocean
are they still watching…..
the same setting sun
that I'll see -
just moments away.

Yes, yesterday, I talked to them
so many years ago
these old friends
which I remember
who loved the ground
they're now beneath.

But I've not forgotten
what's not come easy
nor the broken hearts or tears
when we lost what was dear
but in the end my friends
I've not forgotten them -
and I've not forgotten you.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let Them Sleep

Let them sleep
beneath the shivers of the trees
as the guns bellow their salute
to the fallen mourning leaves
and November cries colours to the lost
a tartan blanket for the brave
so we who remain
shall warm our souls
wrapped in memories
of brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers -
and friends.

Let them sleep
so we who remain
can now guard them.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Can Breathe

Just trying different types of poetry or rhythms, hence the change in style.  

What's your interest
an existence  
or a choke hold
crows feet, with tired eyes
as you soar to new highs
blue skies or valleys
where you swim or die.
How far do you gaze
or are you just scared
to let it all out
too many doubts
when you're down and out
it's not a race
just a place
where you make me feel - alright.
So do you mind if I laugh,
can I laugh out loud
I've never been freed
never been untied
do you mind….
it's all about time
and my time is right now.
I've never been freed
never been untied
so my time is right now
without a choke hold
I can breathe
and everything's alright.
Everything's all right now
I can breathe…..

Friday, November 9, 2012

Just A Crazy Momma

Just joking around; perhaps a song, perhaps a poem, but more than likely, neither :-)

Just A Crazy Momma
She used to call me
all the time
always laughing out-loud
said she'd never leave
or leave me like that
never cry
or say goodbye.

She used to call like that
a funny crazy momma
until the sky went black
then she laughed
and she never looked back.

Crazy momma
she was crazy like that
said she'd never leave
or leave me like that
never cry
or say goodbye…..
just a crazy momma
who lived life like that.

That is….
until the sky went black
then she laughed again
and she never looked back.

Just a crazy momma
a crazy little momma
who always laughed like that.

Just a crazy momma
who was always like that
crazy momma….
crazy…..crazy momma
always laughing out-loud
said she'd never leave
or leave me like that
never cry
or say goodbye.

Just a crazy momma
who was always like that…..

Crazy momma.....

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Regrets -
like invisibility
no one sees their loneliness
tucked away to stay.

It's only when you're on the plane
doing what you should
do you remember all those things
that you never did - or said.

If you had any regrets
any regrets at all
you'll have those regrets
on that plane.....
when you are flying home
because you'll be coming down.

You can turn to the window
and smile as you say
are you to...... flying home today
can you see all those fields below
all the seeds, now buildings and machinery
or the rain below the clouds.

Regrets -
like invisibility
no one sees their loneliness
tucked away to stay.

If you had any regrets
any regrets at all
you'll have those regrets
on that plane.....
when you are flying home
because you'll be coming down.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is No More

How far can you run
before you run too far
and what do you do
if your feet begin to slip
do you hide away
until troubles -
find your door.

Do you seek a window
with a million stars
do you cast a gaze
and hope -
for never more
the reality of fantasy
it's always just beyond
the door -
where all the cold hearts lay.

And then your running.....
is no more.

Just A Howl Away

She doesn't give a damn
she climbs the stairs
to walk away
while he falls down
like the wind
the other way
no kingdom today
because he sheds his skin
and she forgets his name
so he changes colours
and forgets the cloths he wears
when standing
in the middle of the world
a room that he now bears
she doesn't give a damn
she climbs the stairs
but in the end
it's him that walks away
to spend the day - lost
in the centre of the moon
just a howl away.


You've got me
you've got me on the inside
why you build walls..._--
to keep your torn pieces -

Then you realize
that you're just as trapped
as me.

You build your walls higher
to set yourself free
to find a sanctuary
but there's no enemies - to breach
and you now sit alone
in this dwelling of eternity.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Then I'm Not Afraid

I can't compare her
to anyone before -
nor these days after.

She's a ghost
a whisper in me
which always fly's away.

that watch my nights
she is the cold
unless she holds me
then I'm not afraid -

I chase her
tie her to my mind
just to wrap around
the love I hope to find.

But she's a ghost
I wait for her to haunt me
so I can feel her say
all the touch of words
I knew she'd never say.

I can't compare her
to anyone before -
nor these days after.

But all I want to do
is hold her in my mind
once more
before she fly's away.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stormy Weather

In the garden lies the sun
buried deep beneath the shrubs
a bulb of life - waiting to sprout
as cold hands dig away
like a sailor, who drowns his heart
to bury death in moulded clay.

But do you remember what was said
when you dug too long or far
then sat back, unable to deny
promises.... you never paid back
or the stormy weather -
which you made.

I've Chosen My Fears

I've chosen my fears
whether I've lost - or won
walked in circles
or held back the tears.

But on cold sunny days
when confused by....
the feeling of rain
I'll still love you -
in the end.

So take my hand
how I got here
and the consequences
the ridiculous
and the stares.

Weird blue skies
which swim in the air
to release the night
as dreams come on
and remain the same
in the hope -
that you'll still hold me.

Whether I've lost - or won
I've chosen my fears.

Swims Alone

I reach to her
out-stretched in hope
this line between safety
and a dangerous moat.

Deep emotions,
which swirls to depths
in a melancholy river
rapids and a flooded bank
a dam, which holds back
the cracks.

Sunlight to see her eyes
as I praise her prayer
but my accomplishment
means nothing -
as she doesn't understand
the cost...
when one swims alone.

A little root
embedded in the shore
this branch of life..... extends
to mean much more.

Once Bitten

My bones can feel it
and you know they can
as you shed your foolish tears
what have you done
what shall you do
now that you've had
your weakened moment
as the reality of lust
bares it's teeth
and your heart begins to run
as mixed emotions -
chase you down
no longer is it fun
when lives are broken
for a kiss upon a naked cheek
there is no logic to apply
because it slyly slips away
to the sound of rotten apples
once bitten - begin to fall.

No Pittance Here

What are we without trust
a sodden ground.... furrowed
with irresponsibility
just a hardened outer crust
filled with decay -
an insipid character

You can wash your hands
and justify your plight
but your soul
a sticky quandary -


Stand with your shoulders straight
watch the distance....
a new horizon - filled with sun
as you have walked a walk
never slumbered, nor need to run
for you are trust -
no pittance here, for you have won
and deserve....... her love.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Harmony

She is sunlight
a ray of hope
within my veins
which my heart....
drinks in.

Her eyes
a symphony -
an instrumental composition
each movement
composed for me.

I can feel her hands
silk on ivory skin
each touch
a key
a single note -
she is my song
my sunlight.

My harmony.