Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Can Breathe

Just trying different types of poetry or rhythms, hence the change in style.  

What's your interest
an existence  
or a choke hold
crows feet, with tired eyes
as you soar to new highs
blue skies or valleys
where you swim or die.
How far do you gaze
or are you just scared
to let it all out
too many doubts
when you're down and out
it's not a race
just a place
where you make me feel - alright.
So do you mind if I laugh,
can I laugh out loud
I've never been freed
never been untied
do you mind….
it's all about time
and my time is right now.
I've never been freed
never been untied
so my time is right now
without a choke hold
I can breathe
and everything's alright.
Everything's all right now
I can breathe…..

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