Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Penny For Your Thoughts

How many pennies do you need
will they feed your wants
or starve your desires
find you friends
or buy you love.

Will your skin turn copper
will your veins turn to gold
or a weight to drag you down
as your face turns old -
how many pennies do you need.

If you're lost - can you leave a trail
to find your way back home
write a list - so you can watch it grow
where else can you go from here
when your pennies disappear
and you've lost your way.

Can you believe this curse
when you wake up
in the middle of your day
you have no friends
they've all be paid
can anything be worse.

What changes can you make
can you spell or count it out
I'd really like to know
and I'll pay
so here's a penny…..
for your thoughts.

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