Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Only One

She is the one
with glint of rays,
which inspires
upon a solitary look
of her sparkled eyes -
many men's desires.

She is the one
that fortifies the stars
so they can....
embrace the night
with her serenity -
and smile.

She is the one
of eloquence and grace,
which brings tranquillity
upon my heart.

She is the one
that bears witness
to the softness of my soul
as her charms,
places a sheath
upon my sword.

For she is -
the only one.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

In The Mirror

Have you ever seen the man
clearly a recluse unto himself
watching another -
in the mirror.

Closing doors, behind remorse
cursing at himself
without any recognition
of this person -
in the mirror.

Now shattered are his thoughts
without the clarity of hope
as the eyes recognise the rejection
of the others reflection -
in the mirror.

As his conscious walks by
and screams
what happened to his pride
what's there to hide
then let's go find it -
in the mirror.

Because everything he needs to see
is right there in the open
watching him, from inside out
deep inside -
the mirror.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tomorrow - May Be My Last

Windswept fields of dancing wheat
breezes with a hint of salt and sea
but I also see the shadows, which
loom upon the mountain peaks
and the avalanches, which gather beneath.

For man is but a stone, when pushed
and clamorous is this wretched heap
for blood is what he gives to live
and death is but another man's demise.

As today, I've seen the sun
and I've laid upon the grass
tonight I'll drink the stars of hope
for tomorrow - may be my last.

When We Meet Again

Upon the rays of morning's sun
are the cheers, of all the loves we've won
and the brightness deep of mind is set
so when the turn of life has come
we'll not wither as the dust befalls
but remember well, as our eyes close in rest.

For I've dreamt the dream a thousand times
and felt the freshness of your pale loves skin
on tenderness of lips, from heart to breath
which I now recall with clarity,
as I view these translucent hands.

But on the morn, not so long ago
when your passion, once set the time of day
would bring rise to my mornings sun
and your smile would set the stage
for those rose coloured cheeks
would blossom as we frolicked in our play.

So now, I watch the evening set
and count each remembered star
for there are no tears to weep
as I rest my weary head
and leave these roots behind,
as our life will surely bloom
on that day - when we meet again.

Monday, September 24, 2012

This Tangled Life

What is this tangled life you feel
when the clapper strikes the bell
can you not feel me inside your pain
or am the ghost that wrinkles life
a cockle beneath your shell.

Then you should have looked a little longer
and felt the baying moon
you should have watched the mirror
and seen the shadows dance
as each creak felt the groan.

Tell me -
did you feel the stretch of burning walls
and the touch of caressing tongues
did you feel the heat of passion
or the burning of your lungs.

Did you wake with me at half past three
to see the window, lonely by the sill
watching lifeless minds walk-by
as I deconstructed your complexities
and kissed you then – free of will.

Dance with me
forget the dirty window
or the smudges on the wall
footprints on the ceiling
we knew the room beneath the bed
was going to be too small.

Tangle me in this tangled life
until you comprehend my will
then splash me with your eyelids
and I’ll pour you into me
and drink you until I’m full.

She is my Dirty Girlfriend

She is my dirty girlfriend
my very first
salt and mineral-morality
because I’m a creature of hope.

I’m running to her
before she fades from me.

If I touch her hands
she’ll lead me beneath the sins
deep within her folds of skin
so I can kiss
her sultry flavoured lips.

She is my dirty girlfriend
my very first
salt and mineral-morality
truth of cool sweetness
coiled on my pallet’s thirst.

She is my dirty girlfriend
who strikes at me
with evidence of being loved.

She is my very first
my dirty little girlfriend
who drives me crazy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dry The Tears of Others

What potential do you see
in the midnight dreams of solitude
where you paint time on canvas eyes
to only watch the moments dry
on your grey beached inlets…. of eternity.

Why count time with shadowed hands
when you can watch the earth sink –
then watch…… the sun-rise.

Close your eyes, witness freedom
sail the earth and disregard the ticking sand
forsake the swatches – painted by the man
so you can feel the hands of others.

Now what potential do you see
in the midnight dreams of solitude
where you paint time on canvas eyes
to dry the tears of others.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Unsteady – Is The Truth

What burdens do you bear
to stand bewildered
stricken by the warmth of sun.

Or has your steel heart turned brittle
and your blue skies – have they
grown…… too far apart.

Can you see the reflection
in the puddle’d saddened earth
a mirror lost of hope
a face – white washed of eyes.

Do you ever walk across tight ropes….
slender beams – made of string
do you ever ask yourself
how unsteady is the mind
or how unsteady – is the truth.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I’ve Forgotten Nothing

What thoughts are forgotten
what narratives have disappeared
how far are we from yesterday
if today has gone unheard.

So talk about your solitude
dissecting life and fears
such a wonderful disguise it is
which you’ve developed over years.

But if I could reach beyond the stars
to touch your gentle cheek
to dodge the slaughter of your tongue
and feel your hips beneath.

Then all those lost forgotten hopes
vacations of a dislocated heart
compromises and despairs
would be ours to keep.

So I’ve forgotten nothing then
and remember yesterday
and what I’ve forgotten doesn’t matter
nor does the narrative.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Teardrops Of Rain

Call me – tell me what to say
under street lamps of stars
walking in your teardrops of rain.

Car lights and memories
blurs which flash on by
deep thoughts of yesterday
call me – and tell me why.

Until then I’ll walk alone
and walk until I’ve gone too far
and then I’ll turn around
perhaps I’ll see you there
standing in a phone booth – calling me.

Car lights and memories
blurs which flash on by
deep thoughts of yesterday
call me – and tell me why.

I’ll tell you that my feet are wet
my soul has washed away
sidewalks and gutters
and grey newspapers – of yesterday
Call me – tell me what to say.

While I sit here and wring my hands
on these old storied palms
lines and broken tea-bags
a worn life, which leaves a tale
can I call you – and tell you why.

As car lights and memories
blurs which flash on by
deep thoughts of yesterday
I better call – before I’ve walked too far.

Standing under street lamps of stars
in your teardrops of rain.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Train-rides of Yesterday

Minds thunder, storms brew
as avalanches fall between
these thoughts with crevices
into streams, which wash away
all such debris, that piles up
into a dam…. of reality.

Tumbled sticks – now fallen logs
once solid memories
deep roots…. of family trees.

Where are the sons and
petaled daughters
colours of the sky
as I watch the moon.

Hold my arm and kiss my hand
forget the time of age
for butterflies and dragons
stars and numbered days
circles full of friends – and
train-rides of yesterday.

Feelings Without Words

I don’t want –
I don’t want…..
to open my eyes
to see the night
to see too many questions
when the smoke clears
each one standing there
close at hand
on an empty road
as each day – goes by.

Nothing’s changed
but it’s not the same
just feelings without words.

What did I say
what can you say
when you’re left in the dark
no stars to follow
just the light… of pain
to show me the way.

I don’t want…..
to open my eyes
because nothing’s changed
but it’s not the same
it’s all just feelings –
without words.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whisper To Me

Whisper to me
clouds of breath
a tongue full –
of hot melodies.

Warm me
don’t take you
what about today
and the stars….
of last night.

Take your emotions
infuse them – in me
tell a story
finger tips and windows
open wide.

Don’t tell me lies
if I’ve told you –

Just whisper…. to me
like a shooting star
make a wish
and I’ll be the dream
looking into –
your eyes.

If you just whisper –
to me.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Can’t We

Cover me in your skin
shroud me in your love
surround me
nibble at my thoughts
drink from my heart.

Why can’t…..
we watch the rain
just stand alone
forget the day
close our eyes
escape –
and swim away.

Caress my cheeks
kiss my lips
sweet wine
at the end of day
why can’t we
just pretend
at this social game
of hypocrisy.

Hold me close
forget the crowds
and whisper in my ear.

Why can't we –
just stand here alone
and disappear.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Until The Curtain Falls

Nothing more
springs to mind
as staggered thoughts
across the stage –
where echoes
were once heard
in this now
stagnant hall
and crippled –
are the planks we walk
each groan
a creaking memory
where judgement
now befalls.

Is this the life
we've seen –
when dancing
youthful weans
or does –
the nourishment
of life survive
until the curtain…..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shared In Time

I stood upon the misty crest
looking down below.

Watching waves -
crashing upon the stony shore.

And whispered in the wind;

when you see the stars I see
and feel the land beneath my feet.

When you feel the heat
of a lover’s breath
as I do upon my weathered cheek.

Then you will feel what I feel
and see what I see
and hear what I hear.
Then you will understand
the beauty of the stars,
the sea and land -
and me.

And in that moment
whisper back a gentle sigh
content to understand;

that each earthly breath you take
is a measured moment
that we to –
have shared in time.