Thursday, October 31, 2013

Their Realities

He never was quite right
different from the rest
where a corner in a class
became his room
and a hat was made in jest.

Normal was the way to be
defined by others
yet un-relayed to him or me.

Can he count
or speak
have him read a word
if he can try two
maybe take his shoes off
so he can get past ten.

What’s that – his feet bounce
and his hands roam around
no concentration in the least
certainly a brain dysfunction
so send him to another place
where he can play with bricks.


Imagine a well
where people stood around
to see the pit
where stimming stood and moaned
like a lost drop at the end of life
as a tongue turned to a fork
in the hope to eat the lies
but as the bucket lowered
each plate was full of truth
bare as bland can be –
as hammered eyes looked down
to forge the soul
of one lost boy
and fill him….
with their realities.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It’s Just Darkness

It’s just darkness
which edges me on
along a narrow road
weary by my side
hope scattered
in my head.
She was a dark horse
no reins to steer
my fingers worn
just a bit.
True friends of another
a constellation in the sky
this star I cannot see
but know is there.
It’s just darkness
which edges me on
to find a road alone
and trust the sun
to wash away the shadows
and lead me home.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Happened To Days

As he walks
he hears the creak of boards
bones, long since torn
and stained
his worn out heart
black as a midnight lake
memories, now all alone
lost –
without a home
broken by desire –
taken by the wind
and buried in the sky
he’s left to sit, and wonder
what happened to days
and why.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Softly Embrace

Tender hands
caress me, my face
spaces of the mind
where no shadows lay
just beneath her fingertips
that softly embrace –
this little piece…. of heaven.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Echoes Of A Past

I stood and watched the dark
but I couldn’t smell the sea
as the snow began to melt –
and the silence left groves
along the muddy ground
where skipping stones
once danced ~ . ~ . ~ ….
like thin air upon the mountain
which brought tears to the rain
as kisses fell upon my silent lips
and snow began to fall  
these now muted voices
left echoes…. of a past.


Lone Wolf

Silence – would eat my mind
like a pregnancy of soul
an internal gnawing
confessing for its sins.
Yet I thrive beyond the walls
lost to all confines
a maverick in the wilderness
unbranded by all the eyes
and there herd mentality.
So I close my lids
no-longer stranded
by the openness
and dance with the lone wolf –

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Now Long Shadows

I’m so weary
of being lost….
within these walls
no room to stand
nor space to think.
So I often crave a garden
a bed of flowers
to help me weep
but the only ones I see
belong to others –
leaving me…..
to just drift on past.
As I’m left
to watch the years
and wander to the sea –
where I close my eyes
and listen to shells
as these too…. are remnants
captured in the dunes.
Where has the mountain gone
which took me to the sun
this spirit of the mind -
now long shadows
washed out…. with the tide.
If I’m lost……
what good is the light –
if you can’t see who I am.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Walk The Other Way

I had a day
you know the days
like yesterday
where everyone
had the words
and these words
filled the air.

I took a walk
but where to go
one foot left
the other –
stumbled over you.

I found a spot
and sat awhile
and looked around
but never found an idea
as all the words were stuck
rusted to my mind –
so what was I to do
but turn around
and walk the other…. way.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Underneath The Shadows

The dogs were barking
as I sat upon the road
to watch the roar of life
and to catch a glimpse
of sunrise.

What else could one boy do
but say her name aloud
and wash away the blues
then run away somewhere
to find the brightest light
hidden deep –
just underneath
the shadows.

It was only when…..
I breathed in the smoke
and felt my feet aflame
that it would be the last time –
I’d say her name
and recognise
the feel of hopelessness
I could rise again
to find the love of mine
one day.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Articulate The Flesh

I watched her lips
and captured time –
such is the grace of life
this divinity of mine –
always the pupil
with a desire to read –
I now rediscover words
that articulate the flesh –
in the adventures of love
from the new book
of longing –
and desires.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Was That Me

I look at young eyes
and wonder….
where they’ll go –
will they see places
I’ve never been
or worlds I can’t imagine –
will they drink in
far beyond their vision
or only the seas, I’ve seen –
will they capture moments
or live…. in the solitude
of memories –
will they dream
of nights, I’ve not yet seen
or lavish in the days
too bright for me to hold –
now I look at young eyes
and wonder….
was that me –
a long time ago.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Long Awaited Night

Have you ever longed for dreams
to only find the night –
or taken a piece of day
to impress upon your sight
this vision, which you see
when you yield your heart to love –
that dreams of hope for yesterday
are drawn to you……
for a long awaited night.

You Are My Dawn

I am your weakness
a single soul of mercy
is your heart
the saving grace
of kindness –
for when I fall
you carry me
till once again, I stand.

So I linger….
in your innocents
the weight of stars
which kiss
the tenderness… of night –
and man.

You are my dawn
and the new beginning –
of my life.


Freedom To Grow

In the desert
a tree stands
to show….
the limbs of life –
just beyond
the barren dunes
lives the mountains
where all the trees stand
to show death
the resilience…..
outside the sands
where freedom to grow –
still exist.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Like Autumn Leaves

Can I find…..
what I’ve been looking for –
a proposition of love
without the pollution
of life –
with the clarity of tears
and lost nights….
while watching jilted streaks
tear by -------*
searching – to find space –
passion - - in the stars.

Can I find…..
what I’ve been looking for –
before life –
claims it all –
bright colours gone
with dreams –
and the stars….*
fall – like autumn leaves.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

She Knocks

She knocks
but there is…..
no door to open
no windows
to peer through –
she knocks again
but there is…..
no heart inside
to ring a bell
nor is there any love
to answer.