Monday, December 31, 2012

No Footprints

I woke to find no footprints
What was - is only wind
A sea without a shore
No lips, no voice, nor song to sing
And a love, which is no more

Freedoms Breath

Bound is the sail to the mast
As her arms close around - to bind me
And we lay desperately, in loves rigging
Hearts pounding, to emotions wave
While i clasped to her blossom -
She to my breast - -
As we ride to the storm
Waiting -
For freedoms breath.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Solitude Of Stone

The solitude of stone
which bears the brunt of day
it feels the sturdiness of earth
and the weathering – of rain
as it sits upon the dampness
curious – in its gaze
an impression deeply made
now etched – upon its years.

His Words Rang True

I gave her words
but she never took them in
until the reflection in the mirror stood
in disbelief, it shed
as her eyes took strides….
leaping across the room
now poised to strike a sword
in the cruelty, of a desperate look
but the walls began to sing
piercing in the tilted room
yet undisturbed, the echoes flew
to find the paper
where his words, rang true.

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Single Grain Of Life

If I dig deep into the marrow
what strength would I find –
undefined stained windows
or parapets, built of black ice –
a world of juxtapositions
where two faces merge
both light and dark
so one may swoon the other
and all that’s left…..
are the tears of revelation
as courage is swept away
and the stems of miracles
rooted in belief –
have all but gone –
but if I dig deep into the marrow
and scrape away to find……
would I only see the pulp of shadows
or could I hope to see –
a single grain of life.

Still A Will To Sow

No longer can I watch the moon
or count the solitude of time
sitting with these paintings on the wall
framed, within the pains
of an outside, which never moves.

I see the trees, solid in their stance
bare limbs, brazen against the wind
to watch the things I know
and the quiet of the garden gate
rusted in its swing.

To sit upon this strife of day
as stubborn as the dead –
now left alone to beat my way
towards a rising sun
for who am I to waste a life
when there is still a will to sow.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How Can I Miss You

How can I miss you
when you never go
each thought is a meadow
each shoreline…. is you.

How can I miss you
your eyes are like sunshine
and that's all, that I need
is the warmth of the light
when I see you -
looking at me.

How can I miss you
you're never far from me
when I'm heartbroken
lost in the sea –
of too many thoughts
then there you are
sailing to me
like the dawn, of each morning.

How can I miss you
when each night you hold me
as I stare at the stars
and the dreams.

So how can I miss you
when you've never -
left me.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Take Me – To The End

I've done you no wrong
we've travelled together
from the start.

I've bared witness
to all your thoughts –
you've carved into me
all your desires
spoken to me harshly
cursed my existence
bent me to your will
taken me on cold days
stained my soul
to the very fibres
of what makes me - me
we have fought together
I've drawn your blood
slicing through you
as you've grabbed me in vain
yet here we are again
face to face
eye to eye
you stare at me
to a stifled end
and now you lay across me
smothered by your breath
creased by your skin and pain
but I seek no revenge
I have passion for you
my old friend
for we have seen too much
we are one - you and I
we are the same
you pen to me
yet I feel your pain.

I am still yours my love
so turn me over
and take me –
to the end.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stain Upon His Heart

Drifting in time
currents…. pulling him
his eyes cast down
as they slip away
like creases worn
into the fabric -
of his face
as her probing eyes
and full lips
follow him
but the stain upon his heart
is already - old.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

An Untitled Rambling

And life wandered down the road
to find another year
as the darkness of the background fades
to see the dawn
where new friends wait to see
and old friends smile and stare
at the beauty of a person
who cares enough to speak
and understands the differences
of those unseen by ignorance
that she once sang songs
ovations to those hearts stung
to realise
that some-thing's are never meant to be
or measured under life
not wine…. women, friends or song
to realise that years or music never die
but always -
are reborn.

A Little Drink Of You

I drank from her smile
an intoxicating courage
this slim bottle of hope
sweet syrup dripping
from a cruel world
but I remembered everything
that I had learned -
so I kept walking
pass the talking
and all the expanding
of limitations -
until I seen myself
and who I am
a fearless understanding
at the end -
so I smiled in kind
as I walked on by
and here I am today
watching clouds
and wisps of rain
to find a splash of blue
when nothing else matters
at the end of day
but a little drink….
of you.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bloodthirsty Hips

I lie amongst the sheets
torn by your crimson lips
just to feed your hunger
when I fell prey… to you.

Dragged, by my screaming eyes
you swooped in
to taste the kill -
as I watched life run
from bloodthirsty hips.

Yet you screamed
to my mournful cries
as I lay... drained
upon this field of battle
unable to articulate
these sounds
of death and laughter.

as I lay witness to
an aftermath
where one heart still flails
no signs of hope
as the future drowns
on satin heather fields.

I watch you lick your lips
to the eagerness of mine
as you think again
to quench your thirst
as I realise by your wild eyes
how bloodthirsty
are your hips.

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Journey Had Begun

I stood at the foot
of the mountain pass
to watch the clouds gather
then I watched the hills dance.

What a sight I claimed
as travellers passed by
one then two….
and many groups more -
have you been to this dance before
I said -
as they dug their heels in
and swayed to the tune
of the mountain side.

But I swear on the wind
I could taste the sea and the salt
and the sweat of the land
as the music played on
so I stopped for a breath
at the refuge Orisson.

In the morning - crisp and fresh
I donned my boots
for what better way is there to start
then to dance again.

So I waited for the whistling wind
before I sprang to life
and although I carried quite a load
I felt all the weight slip off
as I glided free amongst the clouds
and weaved between the valley'd trees
it was then that I knew -
that from this dance floor
my journey had begun.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

An Understanding Stem

What does today bring
after a night of wondering
so far a morning's chill
rooted like a long stem
unsure of what to do
but try to reach the sun.

A narrow-minded view
no branch or petals to expand
constricted in its growth
by a misconstrued youth of rocks
and understandings of its earth.

This stem, which tried to grow
simply never knew - another way
but when it looked around
all it saw were flowers
and all they seen - was its dismay.

What does today bring -
will it bring the warmth
or a petal…. or two
so a stem can hope - and learn
that it's not about it or them
but about an understanding sun
and an understanding stem.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello Wall

Hello wall
do you mind if I sit awhile
I promise not to stare
just a moment… or two
so I can lounge in thought
in a different frame of mind
than you -
but if I can say - I admire… you
always quiet and discreet
you hear the floor
yet not a peep
not a word you say -
nor seek
your friends - they hang around
to show you off
and it's true - they leave a mark
but then they're off
do they ever call or seek or say
do they ever say goodbye -
or hello wall?

Have you changed yours colours wall
it's hard to say
as you always go from bright to dark
on any given day.

Hello wall -
do you mind when people leave
or ever ask…. what's within
or prefer to stay… inside your nook
read expressions when they look -
ever question yourself wall
when you stand so tall -
never a curtsy… at the end
but I can see the bow -
where you have bent.

Just a question wall
when all your friends have come
and gone again
do you have any regrets wall
on those days -
that you never said hello?

But here's the funny thing wall
as I sit and stare at you -
I've walked down many halls
and you've never steered me wrong
I've leaned on you -
and you've given nothing but support
so do you mind if I sit awhile
and chat away…. with you.

Brighter Is Her Day

She kisses me
like the morning
kisses the sun -
and brighter is my day.

She holds me
as if to never let me go
a warm embrace
and brighter is my day.

She loves me
with such words
that tears begin to flow
and brighter is my day.

And I love her
well beyond eternity
to always kiss the ground
for she is the sun, which I embrace
and tell her so, upon her lips -
cheeks and face
and brighter -
is her day.

No Colours Or A Sky

My world became too flat
no colours -
or a sky.

What happened to the lights
why'd you washed away the stars
when you stole my face
and took away my nights
just to lie upon -
a torn sky -
another blackened sheet.

If you took, my body
why not take away my soul
so you can hear my silence
when you break away the door.

I have no colours
or a sky
nothing to display
jailed within your prism
I'm transparent -
under you.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Her Home

My thoughts, cuddle her
as she always sleeps -
under my skin
a blanket
a comfort….. within
she is my morning
and my dream
because -
she's wrapped around
my heart
once made of stone
now a hearth
no-longer do I sit alone
as she's made me -
her home.