Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello Wall

Hello wall
do you mind if I sit awhile
I promise not to stare
just a moment… or two
so I can lounge in thought
in a different frame of mind
than you -
but if I can say - I admire… you
always quiet and discreet
you hear the floor
yet not a peep
not a word you say -
nor seek
your friends - they hang around
to show you off
and it's true - they leave a mark
but then they're off
do they ever call or seek or say
do they ever say goodbye -
or hello wall?

Have you changed yours colours wall
it's hard to say
as you always go from bright to dark
on any given day.

Hello wall -
do you mind when people leave
or ever ask…. what's within
or prefer to stay… inside your nook
read expressions when they look -
ever question yourself wall
when you stand so tall -
never a curtsy… at the end
but I can see the bow -
where you have bent.

Just a question wall
when all your friends have come
and gone again
do you have any regrets wall
on those days -
that you never said hello?

But here's the funny thing wall
as I sit and stare at you -
I've walked down many halls
and you've never steered me wrong
I've leaned on you -
and you've given nothing but support
so do you mind if I sit awhile
and chat away…. with you.


  1. if the wall answers you may have a problem...smiles...interesting the wall never steared wrong, makes for an intriguing confidence...

  2. Very cute and creative -- I will now view walls differently thanks to your reverie and exploration Thanks.

    typo? "to you have any regrets wall" --> "do you"?

    PS: do you know that you have CAPTCHA word verification turned on. The bane of all poetry bloggers. I had to submit this three times because of that damn thing. Please consider turning off. ;-)

  3. Thank you for your replies and I did not realise I had a word verification on, which I hope has now been turned off. Additionally, I've corrected the spelling mistake, so thank you for pointing that out very much appreciated.