Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bloodthirsty Hips

I lie amongst the sheets
torn by your crimson lips
just to feed your hunger
when I fell prey… to you.

Dragged, by my screaming eyes
you swooped in
to taste the kill -
as I watched life run
from bloodthirsty hips.

Yet you screamed
to my mournful cries
as I lay... drained
upon this field of battle
unable to articulate
these sounds
of death and laughter.

as I lay witness to
an aftermath
where one heart still flails
no signs of hope
as the future drowns
on satin heather fields.

I watch you lick your lips
to the eagerness of mine
as you think again
to quench your thirst
as I realise by your wild eyes
how bloodthirsty
are your hips.

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