Sunday, December 23, 2012

Take Me – To The End

I've done you no wrong
we've travelled together
from the start.

I've bared witness
to all your thoughts –
you've carved into me
all your desires
spoken to me harshly
cursed my existence
bent me to your will
taken me on cold days
stained my soul
to the very fibres
of what makes me - me
we have fought together
I've drawn your blood
slicing through you
as you've grabbed me in vain
yet here we are again
face to face
eye to eye
you stare at me
to a stifled end
and now you lay across me
smothered by your breath
creased by your skin and pain
but I seek no revenge
I have passion for you
my old friend
for we have seen too much
we are one - you and I
we are the same
you pen to me
yet I feel your pain.

I am still yours my love
so turn me over
and take me –
to the end.

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