Monday, October 29, 2012

Without a Good Life

What is enough
without a good life
when adrift in storms
and drenched in stuff.

Then one sunny day
your caught
in a raining room......
within a mind
no umbrella of friends
- nor time.

Paint peels - walls crack
a vision amid the seams
the un-reality of what was
no twinkle or a beam
no sounds of life
just -
the in-between.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Crazy Man

A crazy man
well past his prime
when fait belayed
an understanding
depth of time
when each word
carved within
his ravished rock
of mind....
in the dawn of light
to only show
a withered sight
where shadows
stole the grey
and he confused
her sweetness
for the lingering
of broken days
when brightness
glimpsed the past
but at last
the crazy man
wore too many keys
and on his heart
freely swung
the broken door.

Some Quick Untitled Poems

I JUST returned from vacation and these are some quick untitled poems I wrote while travelling.


(1)  Machines grind away
         until the loss of day
         when dark shadows of humanity
         slither from their crevices
         while others..... too afraid
         slip away
         and turn from clay to stone
         secretly they pray
         that time.....
         won't disappear
         then only shadows
         will remain.


(2)  Sand bites his skin
          as white-caps sail....
          to crest upon the shore.

      Mother of the wind
          reminds the withering souls
          that time is but a solitary game of man
          which in the end....
          she will always win.


(3)  He lived in her eyes
          and with each seductive blink
          his heart beat....
          as if it were a separate entity
          but when she turned away
          his eyes became un-fastened
          the moment lost....
          from her gaze.


(4)  There is no accuracy of thought
          no clarity of mind
          but single moments
          clashes against the clock
          caught between the measured hands.....
          of time.


(5)  Wheels within wheels turned
          as each thought raced
          and the mind pondered the outcome;
          then the stream of logs, began to jam.

Everlasting Sleep

With a single glimpse
she imprisons' me
tangled in her web
a crinkled gleam
I'm caught off guard
but pleasantly surprised
by the warmth of poison
dripping off her smile.

She envelops me
wrapped within
the multitude of charms
and sins
disarming fears
as a single tear escapes
to the peace of love
and everlasting.....

Friday, October 19, 2012

A quick 10-second untitled poem

Where is the wind
when I need the air
as I tear at these cloths
so my skin can breathe -
then I peel away the heat of day
when I've been soaked in crowds
to find the cool bareness of night
and my eyes can reach the stars
as I draw in my breath
and taste the breast of life.

Remember The Truth

A bit on the dark side, but life does have its shadows at times.  Nonetheless, this is no reflection of me, just to remind you that I write in a first person perspective of imagination. :-)

Do you remember all the lies
because I only remember the truth
and every day you drank from me
what happiness, now lies beneath.

Then you dragged me to a street
called emptiness -
under a lamppost......
which reflected all your darkness
and pushed away the light.

So now, your shadow entwines me
like a tightly tethered rope
a boxer in a corner
pummelled beyond a hope.

Do you remember all the lies
because I only remember the truth.

Yet in the gutter, now he sits
devoid of sympathy and youth
because even that you stole
when you took away the truth
and buried it -
beneath your lies
where even all your shadows lay
terrified -
by that pantomime of light
reflected, in your eyes.

Do you remember all the lies
because I only remember the truth.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Invisible To You

Why am I invisible to you
you're always just a stranger
when I'm on the inside of me
looking outside for you.

Then time goes by
even when your arms are wide
the numbers don't add up
it's all about convenience
just an infinity
but in the end, the answer's just a lie.

Now all the words are difficult
the many questions end in why
but some words never change
you're just a person
some days you pretend to care
and other days you hide.

Why am I invisible to you
when I'm on the inside of me
that's when I'm looking outside for you.

You know the way the world turns
you've spun their before
when you're upside down
I've always tried to hold up the sky
and blow away the clouds.

So why am I invisible
when it really should be you.

Sore Throat

He wakes to a morning fog
with no clarity, to show the way
as he stumbles down the hall
he tries to think ahead
but unsteady is each step
and wobbly -
appears the day.

So he reaches out...
and tries to speak
but each word, feels Inflamed
tearing at his throat
as each tooth chomps in protest
marching to the pain.

While lymph nodes hold, their ground
swelling, like wild crowds in protest
screaming in defence....
his eyes deep set
shoot fireworks behind
as his brain....
continues to complain.

What else can he do -
but sit and stare ahead
and say good morning world
as his day begins.....
with a sore throat -
and a pounding head.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feel His Beat of Air

His heart is right
just misplaced - unfound
but when it pounds,
it's too loud for her to hear.

So with his hands
he writes a pantomime
but her eyes are closed
and unfocused are his thoughts
as tears run down his cheeks.

Franticly he waves at her
anxious with despair....
he draws these pictures
so she can listen with her heart
and feel his beat of air.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Angel -
what did I do - to deserve you
I'm only flesh and bones
just another face, with two hands
a lost soul within a crowd, of unknowns.

I thought the rules of nature said
someone wins, and the others loose
but why can't you explain to me
why our love, never remains the same
and If today is only one day
Angel -
what will tomorrow be.

Is there such a thing as love
without a midnight sky...
and if I dream of reality
will I wake to find you
and kiss the sleep - from your eyes.

Angel -
my sweet angel
I'm only flesh and bones
just another face, with two hands
a lost soul within a crowd, of unknowns.

What did I do - to deserve you
because you've changed my chemistry
I've taken on a new life -
while shedding off the old.

Angel -
my sweet angel
it's you who wears the wings
and I -
the flesh and bones.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just Yesterday

Into my dreams, I wandered
to see an old friend -
and there she was...
as if it were... just yesterday.

And sometimes in the morning
like two days just before
when everything was easy
I only had to blink
then I'd be day-dreaming...
as if it were... just yesterday.

Such simple thoughts
of what could have been
and the love of holding hands
in a world of make-believe
where if I reached out
she'd be there...
as if it were... just yesterday.

So sweet dreams are these
when she once thought of me
in her day-dreaming days
before all these years
have gone by -
but when I close my eyes
she's always there...
as if it were... just yesterday.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Love You Anyway

Her desires
are but a breath away
as is my home
with its quickened pulse
a lovers deep emotions -
where it all began.

But she always leaves me
tangled with my thoughts.....
I'm left alone
with my lover
on my mind.

She never opens up
a quick mistaken peek
then she closes all her doors.

Is our love so hard, to define
I only try to make her smile
she's always on my mind
even when she's standing
right behind..... her door.

Why won't you open up
you're but a breath away
just you and your other lover
yet I love you anyway.

I love you anyway.

Friday, October 5, 2012

No Title

She heard me age
by reading all my groans
written on those tattered pages
born from every day -
within a life.....
stripped of chapters
each word written  -
for her.

Steal My Night

Where do we go
when all the roads are bare -
how do you feel
when we've crisscrossed -

Have you seen this path
is it ours
or everyone's before.

Now what
where do we go from here.

If you close your eyes
will another day break
will another road

Or will long shadows
cast there sky on you
or will they break the path -
of me.

And steal my night....away.

The Promised Land

You know where your heart lays
it's beneath me
wrapped in my arms;
we are bound to each other
as is the water to the ship.

So open your sails
feel the flood of mercy's
warm breath -
envelop my tongue
till your lungs expand
and then expel your joy
letting your feet dance
as your skin
electrifies the air.

Then grasp the sheets
bear down on the wind -
float upon the waves
as if you were one...
and I the other -
as we sail hard towards
the Promised Land.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reminded Me - Of Life

by the mainstream of life
is the willow tree,
overhanging branches,
and cascading beams
of light.

As floods of souls walked by
the air filled with words
on occasion -
despair is heard.

Then all sound stops!

For a solitary tear -
smashed into the pavement
but no one hears
except the tender leaves
of the willow.....
frolicking in the wind.

Reach for me -
feel the silk
touch my cheek
let them all walk by
as I stand frozen
in that moment, which
stood alone in time
as a willow leaf -
touched me.

And reminded me -
of life.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Look Back At Me

I watch you
and listen for your lips...
to move
but I only hear the words -
that you never say.

I see your eyes
I watch your chest
for the subtle movement -
of each breath.

I look beyond the flesh
in the hope.....
that I'll catch a glimpse of you.

I search beneath....
your depths of solitude
to find the tree
of loneliness -
where you sit
and look back at me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's My Soul

If I call a thousand times
and all I see are shadows
with only sounds of ricochets
and echoes.... to be heard -
what more should be said
if all you do is hide-away
then there's nothing left to say.

But when you hear the voices
in the darkness of the night
those shadows.....
are no longer yours - but mine
as it's my soul
which now reflects the light.

You're Unaware

You stole my tongue
crossed the borderland
tied my hands
bound me to you
and set my words
into a run
what is the truth
of your lies
if you've broken my spirit
all for what -
just your fun
as you sat and stared
because you missed the point
and you're unaware.