Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some Quick Untitled Poems

I JUST returned from vacation and these are some quick untitled poems I wrote while travelling.


(1)  Machines grind away
         until the loss of day
         when dark shadows of humanity
         slither from their crevices
         while others..... too afraid
         slip away
         and turn from clay to stone
         secretly they pray
         that time.....
         won't disappear
         then only shadows
         will remain.


(2)  Sand bites his skin
          as white-caps sail....
          to crest upon the shore.

      Mother of the wind
          reminds the withering souls
          that time is but a solitary game of man
          which in the end....
          she will always win.


(3)  He lived in her eyes
          and with each seductive blink
          his heart beat....
          as if it were a separate entity
          but when she turned away
          his eyes became un-fastened
          the moment lost....
          from her gaze.


(4)  There is no accuracy of thought
          no clarity of mind
          but single moments
          clashes against the clock
          caught between the measured hands.....
          of time.


(5)  Wheels within wheels turned
          as each thought raced
          and the mind pondered the outcome;
          then the stream of logs, began to jam.

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