Thursday, December 26, 2013

Waterfall Of Words

I closed my eyes
to only see
a waterfall of words….
torn hearts
on paper sheets
and rusted ink –
the darkest hue
of blue!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A War Of Minds

Courage sits….
on the end of the tongue
while weakness
loads the gun
then hides behind –
bars of sneering teeth.
Then a soldier comes
to show the way
a path to freedom won
only to realise
he’s fighting for his buddies
and friends.
But when the leaves fall
so does his breath
as the cold seeps through
to remind his spine
that’s there’s little reality
in the politicians truth.
He went away so young
with colour in his eyes
but returned –
his body now grey.
Unsure what to do
she holds his hands
while he sits with friends
under the tired
old weeping willow –
a lonely heart
and a man
on an old stone bench…
now worn smooth
with worry…..
and memories.
But in a war of minds
the young girl weeps
while she watches…..
the soldier cry.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stole His Heart Like A Wolf

There was a full moon
under the virgin clouds
as she stole his heart like a wolf
and he watched sheepishly
while trying in vain….
to disguise himself –
as a man.

But even his tears,,,,
seemed to cry
as his foolish pride
perished in the rain.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All The Angels Hands

I’ve written stories on my heart
of white clouds, stormy days
blue seas – and dreams.
Then one day I woke
and found that I was down
and everything else…. was up
a sand-timer
flipped onto its end –
and time was running out.
Then I met an angel
who reached out with her hand
and all the sand….. began to slow
so I could find the balance
once again – of who I am.
Now as I watch the grains go bye
of life – acquaintances and friends
I strain to see the angel
but the only hand I see –
is mine.
It was then that I had realised
she wasn’t an angel at all
just a dream of mine
for she was just a person
who reached out
to find another hand.
You see –
I’ve written stories on my heart
of white clouds, stormy days
blue seas – and dreams.
But now I know
that when my book is closed
I’ll see and feel
all the angels hands
of acquaintances
and friends.