Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Silver Moon

Like a silver moon
watching time disappear
the midnight flame of life

Dancing in my mind
of thought
distorted by the light

She slipped behind my
armoured shell
attacked my heart and mind

Plucking strings
like a banjo man
on the front porch keeping time

She struck a chord with words
crashing through my skull
battling emotions
waves against the hull

Like a silver moon
watching time disappear
the midnight flame of life

Head pressed against the door
braced against her will
She whispered through the crack
I’ll be waiting for you still

Like a silver moon
watching time disappear
the midnight flame of life

She’s had her days
and will not get in
until the morning rises
and the sins are washed away

Like a silver moon
watching time disappear

She’ll simply fade away.....

Sunday, August 29, 2010


In the evening sun,
the drum beats,
calling them home,
soldiers feet, tapping
rhythmic thumping
like a heartbeat.

The motor whirls
needles vibrate
the beat of the drum,
gliding, piercing,
pigmented into the skin

Like a machine gun
raking across our flesh,
pounding ink into the soul.

The priest blesses the soldier
the tattoo blesses the skin
magical protection
warding off demons of the night
of the mind, within

She remembers.

In the evening sun,
the drum beats,
rhythmic thumping
inking her skin

Circles of life
enveloping and protecting
her soul

Stars, for the heavenly bodies
to navigate safely through
the celestial stars of our universe

Numbers - numbers…
like the beat of the heart,
in time with the drum
to count the souls

Like the soldiers
tapping there feet
called home
to the tattoos
evening beat

She remembers

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She played too long

She bides her time
at her will
knowing, I sit beneath her sill
Waiting, waiting - waiting…
always still

Games of minds
fun to play
when other side, has no say

So smart of her
whimsical and play
never thinking
damage of delay

She bides her time
at her will
knowing, I sit beneath her sill
crushing hearts
piece by piece
I fall apart

So smart of her
or so she thinks
not realizing of
the heart she sinks

I’ve sat so long
my love is numb
the game she played too long

I look about and see the sun,
and stand to stretch away
the pain within my heart
because of her
those thoughtless ways

I simply walk away
and part

She played too long
and now she’s broke my heart

Friday, August 20, 2010

Eyes open

My eyes opened
wide and wild
I stilled my heart
held my breath
wanting to expel
night thoughts

Fingers cling to sheets
stabilizing my world

Close the shutters
to my soul
Don’t breathe
still.... Be still...
flow backwards
like the ebb of the tide
washing away the night
cleansing the beach
clearing the debris
of dreams

Reclaim the moment
strip the darkness, and
regain your light of day

Eyes open
heart stilled - calm
sigh of breath
aching bones
expelling death


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This poem speaks of many elements from my past; both emotionally and physically. 

I ran the length
a trench
within my mind

Shattered thoughts
strewn about
never would I find

Motionless, as still
as fear
death was near

Crawling now
along the pit
water deep to lips
gasping, listening
fearing that I would slip

Without a breeze
no thoughts to cleanse
a mind, so deep in mud

Lay within the trench
I dug,
gasping for a nudge

Monday, August 16, 2010

Steel cogs of emotions

Emotions, like steel cogs
they appear invincible
spiked projections
to scare away
bad thoughts

Always turning
grinding, churning the
remains into a liquid pulp
within my brain, and
wearing me down

Steel cogs gnashing together
like a tight jaw at night
headache, sore teeth and gums
grinding away the molars of wisdom
to flat surfaces of
fractured desert plains
like my thoughts,
scattered on the wind,
no substance left to
hold them to the surface

Each spiked cog,
digging in, and engaging others
in a motion, which test the battle of wills

They appear invincible
these emotions of mine
but wearing down
with each turn,
time after time

Saturday, August 14, 2010

When the wolves howl

When the wolves howl, at the moon
I listen
I am awake

It’s when they howl in my mind
that I wish I were asleep

My mind is my refuge
I am a romantic
I am dramatic
I am an insomniac
I simply am

Who I am

The road ahead

The road ahead
went Left and Right
a fork to challenge my mind

Amongst the avenues of life,
you see, determines who I’ll be

One to everywhere,
the other to nowhere

Live or dare,
life or despair
the road doesn’t care

Hurtle forward down this path
open eyes wide shut
then your bumps are
someone else’s obstacles
not your own to overcome

Tunnel of darkness
sea of freedom
life or despair
the road doesn’t care

The road ahead
goes Left and Right
A fork to challenge
your mind

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Everything will change

When I woke up today,
I knew, today was the day.
Today, everything would change.

Lost in thought, in life,
for so ever long.

What happened,

I don’t recall the moment,
but I recall every moment afterwards.
who could forget,
nothing has happened since.

Nothing to remember,
just moments in time,
lasting for an eternity,
or so it seems.

No matter,
today is the day,
today everything will change.

That damn clock,
if the hands would only move.

They must be stuck,
they’re  always stuck...

I’ll just watch it for a moment.

Did it move - did anyone see it move?

I felt my heart beat.

It must have moved…

I’m tired,
tomorrow will be my day,
you wait and see.

Tomorrow, everything will change.

Everything - everything will chang…..


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Tweets & Treats - Part 3/3

When one is tired, low of spark, they reach beneath the skin, the bark. Choose a focus, strong of will, move forward or be still
In our land of OZ, the strings are pulled and curtains drawn. The man behind the shadow, yawns to be free.
Coloured flowers, with their stalk, picked upon my walk. Beauty on the table seen - yellows, pinks and Greens
The sea which I sail, is of the mind. Its expanse as wide & deep as any ocean. The experiences just as calm or rough as the wind blows
Etched upon the landscape of my heart, is your soul like a footprint imprinted in time for all to see
My head spins, lungs heavy, gasping for clean precious air of her, those moments necessary to breath again
In the valley of the heart, richness grows tall and strong. But between, runs the river of life, treacherous, with rapids unseen
Sometimes I don't understand, she confuses me, she hurts me, without meaning. I try, but she hides, she smiles, she’s sad. I can only wait
My heart aches when I think of her. Laughter, life, pain, moments long ago. Thoughts and talks, good and bad, it's become a blur
woke tired, edgy, & out of sorts; my belly swam about & frothed. Mind a whirl of thoughts. The day began, twisted and in knots
One day I woke, my head was gone, somewhere in the clouds. Lightening, struck, then thunderstorms, unlike my usual norm -wine
The clouds are dark, rain is near. My heart is closing this I fear. Yet up ahead I see a light, my love is standing, ever bright
Cicada, shrill and droning, after dark, transparent as his wings do hark. I to, vibrate as do you, my love, after dark
A little boy, a stick or 2, some bubblegum upon his shoe. A clean & supple mind does he, but then when he turns 17, oi!
Sadness in this field of grey, between the ears the bellows and the bays: the steady and the stay. The mind at play
Upon the morn I hear a song, a bird or two or three. Beauty little flying things, which I think just sing for me

Some Tweets & Treats - Part 2/3

I watched as he exploded.. mesmerized by the red mist driven from his crumbling shell. His lifeless form beautiful in heaven, gone from hell
She held her hand against my chest, and rested her cheek upon my heart. She was my soul, my pulse, my life. She was my love.
I need to think, to understand, to trust and to believe again. What value do these words hold, if the person in front has no value
I looked towards the sky at noon, and all I seen was blue. To look within my heart is yours, and to know that all is true.
I can feel her caress my skin, she quietly whispers, yet I cannot hear her voice. I listen - she is the wind.... My sail is full.
Words crash against my skull, like waves against a ship. The hull may buckle, but the mind will hold as the sea rushes back to distant shores
When the rain falls in my mind, can I dance between the drops, or drown while dancing for my life?
Everyone looks for answers; I think time is better spent looking for solutions.
As a youth swimming against the current of society was exciting. Now a ripple can present a challenge, but nothing is insurmountable
She cornered me/ she upset me/ she broke me/ she made me think/ I to have a heart
It hurts/ the emotions/ the jealousy/ the seduction/ The Love
When I kiss her/ I feel love/ her love/ we entwine/ we resonate
Tears ran down her cheeks, like a summer shower on a steamy afternoon. Then they were gone. She smiled, like a ray of sunshine
Her lips were divine, sweet and succulent - rich! Like heat rising from the jungle floor - mesmerising and primal
Soldiers at night/ knees bent/ cold steel/ plunging depths/ of fear
The bell rang/opened to my heart/she walked in/stayed awhile/then we part
Slipping into the shadows, partially exposed. Slender higher vertebrate, ready to dispose

Some Tweets & Treats - Part 1/3

On Twitter I am the RefugeInsomniac; I was recently asked to post some of my short tweets in one location, for a friend who does not use Twitter; so here we are :-)


lost between the needle & thread, sewn into the hem, & worn bare. Hidden beneath the skirt amongst the folds of life, I lay unnoticed
I get lost in this world, when the lights go down - till morning rises, upon fair town
Pounding feet/ to a jungle beat/ the setting/ African sun
The passion/ the intensity/ the dance/ of life/ my heart beat
Gray sky / swirling clouds / wind sweep/ plain above / beauty in / design
Teetering on / bottomless chasm / into darkness / we fall / beyond
Within the shadow lurks the soul, deep within beyond control. Master of illusion still, mindful of his skill.
Shifting, blending, marshalling thoughts ~ slipping, twisting, body of knots / love
Day ahead / tired bones / melted mind / thoughts alone
Magic moments shared between, linking hips, lips, sweat and sheen. Pleasant touches, afterthoughts, life partners till we part.
New love / impetuous passion / parting avalanche / Armoured soul
2-cents / words speak / silent thought / nations weep

NOTE: this tweet sparked the poem “2-cents then”
Sky above, moon below, switched between, each scene, we go - tumbled life, upside down, spin around, our world, and you.
White Doves of the sea, spirits of sailors lost. Watching Neptune's flock, as caps crest the bow's, they watch…
Imagination is practiced / when rain comes / the thoughts disappear
Leather mind, hard to bend, needs a chewing, softens then. Gums, teeth, and spittle, may help this mind to bend just but a little.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cicada after dark

Cicada, shrill and droning, after dark
Transparent, as his wings do hark.

I to vibrate after you,
my love, after dark.

To hear the flutter of your beat,
the meaning, and the passion,
desire, and the heat.

Upon the countries, warm you rest,
as do I, my sweethearts breast - her bliss.
Her heart, her passion, and her kiss.

My heart, like wings, transparent to.
I shrill and drone, not unlike you.

Reminds me once, when we were two.
The passion, and the heat, like you.

Transparent as yours wings did hark,
the flutters and the sparks.

I vibrate after her like you,
upon the midnight dark.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

So it seems

A step beyond, the valley green,
just ahead, not yet seen.

Lays what just might be,
or so it seems.

Down low, through the stream,
flowing rivers, with many dreams.
Intersecting planes of life,
rooted in the slopes around.

Slithering, always, helplessly down.
The difference in the level seen,
or sideways point of view,
of what just might be.

Two ends of a rope, which tug at me.
To stay, or to go, will it be friend or foe.

A step beyond, the valley green,
just ahead, not yet seen.

Lays what just might be,
or so it seems.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two-cents then

They laughed, ran, jumped and prospered
fortunate in the life and land they chose

Transparent pose, was Crystal Night,
World aghast, some seen fright.

Foreboding vision, future held
know one broke the horrid spell
Nations lost their heart, do tell

Windless podiums, uttering sounds
two-cent worth of expulsion, and repulsion

Political correctness, perhaps its start
Loss of nations, valued hearts

When they realized millions lost,
wasted time, deadly cost

Two-cents of words, by each nation then
equal four and six, then TEN

Grouped in numbers, strengthens men
should have spoken two-cents then.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Swallows even me

Twilight, soft and diffused
daily thoughts become confused

The blackness of the night you see
swallows even me

Breathtaking from the heart
building caves, deep and stark

Vagueness begins to loom
thoughts of day turn to gloom

The blackness of the night you see
swallows even me...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Deep within

The brow creased deep,
seeds of doubt sewn within.

A tapestry of life woven
by hardship and by design.

Colourful threads intertwined
warped upon the walls of the soul.

A pictorial of life;
consisting of a distinctive character.
Rich and intense,
like deep purple, strewn against
an evening sky.

Life’s seeds thrown into a garden.
Discarded like shocking sketches upon
the pages of one’s life.

Deep within,
saturated, with luminescent worries,
growing wider and as deep as the
furrowled brow upon the face of a sorrowed life.

Deep within,
lays the heart of a lion,
a majestic soul, and
a painful past of worries
long held tight upon the breast.

Deep within a tapestry of life,
held by a worn threadbare mind.

Deep within, deep within

Deep within