Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Everything will change

When I woke up today,
I knew, today was the day.
Today, everything would change.

Lost in thought, in life,
for so ever long.

What happened,

I don’t recall the moment,
but I recall every moment afterwards.
who could forget,
nothing has happened since.

Nothing to remember,
just moments in time,
lasting for an eternity,
or so it seems.

No matter,
today is the day,
today everything will change.

That damn clock,
if the hands would only move.

They must be stuck,
they’re  always stuck...

I’ll just watch it for a moment.

Did it move - did anyone see it move?

I felt my heart beat.

It must have moved…

I’m tired,
tomorrow will be my day,
you wait and see.

Tomorrow, everything will change.

Everything - everything will chang…..


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