Saturday, February 25, 2012

You and Me

You confuse me
like a contradiction
with all your broken words
half truths – that barely fill a page
a language.... you’ve discerned.

You make me....believe
then you take it all away
without a moral compass
you’re unsure of your direction
but to you – it’s just a game.

You hold my heart of glass
all those....fragmented pieces
each one a story – from my past
and you forget -
that each broken shard –
is still... a little piece....
of me.

You are a conundrum
a puzzle without a whole
no edges to define - and
I’m sorry –
but you’re incomplete.

You are a friend – family
part of this domain
you are indeed...just you
with a little part – insane.

You see – I know who you are
and you.... well – you know me.

So know more games
no partial truths
no this.... or that...
just honesty between -

You.... and Me.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sour Love

I didn’t know
how to fall out of bed
everything she said
made my eyes drift away.

And I felt like a folded paper
that was read too many times
creased with all these edges
with nothing left to say.

Now she tastes like sour love
red lips of wine and vinegar
poured.... into our bed of salt
she blames me
so she doesn’t have to blame herself.

I didn’t know
how to fall out of bed
everything she said
made my eyes drift away.

And I felt like a folded paper
that couldn’t -
fly away.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still Just Me

My best days are when your name
is tasted on my lips. But when I call
to you, and sense the feeling of your dread,
what am I to say –
when my lungs collapse
and all the air.... has left.

But now I’m full of doubt
and everything I felt
is draining..... fast away -
but if I could reach across the street
you’d see.... that it’s still -
just me.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It’s Such A Rainy Night

It’s such a rainy night
when all I can do
is close my eyes.

I tried to pack...
my emotions up
to shrink myself down
but I don’t fit this life -
it’s just too loud
to live in -
it’s just too cold at night.

I’d call....
but you’re too far away
and I’m -
too far from home.

But I know you know
my darkest hours
and the beauty
from those ashes.

So I wait and listen...
music is my escape
because there’s madness
it that hope....
and tenderness in you.

It’s when you sing to me
that I hear the story of my life
and your voice carries me
to you -
despite the rain ....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Aftertaste Of Yesterday

What are those roses
you hold between your teeth
the bitter taste of sweetness
or the aftertaste of yesterday
and lingering taste... of her.

Do you still savour songs
while you dance around
the guttered streets of longing
or peel the pages
looking for the love beneath.

You smell of whiskey sours - sitting
too long - in that worn out chair
watching - the dizziness of trains
and the clatter of those who drawl.

The ocean only cries
if you watch it wave goodbye
so what sadness do you seek
while you’re waiting....
there is no happy ending
if you only have eyes -
for you.

“If” I Could Only Swim

If I swam to the bottom of the lake
could I catch the stones
the ones that didn’t skip
but found another way.

If the world was different
no choices at birth
or predispositions
no boundaries for life
would there be forgiveness
if I chose another way.

If I drowned
would it be from fluidity
or would the current
slow me down.

If there was- - - - - - - -
an absence through the walls
could I bear the silence
or could the silence -
bear me.

If I were a rock
would I skim across the water -
would I sink.

If I could only swim ....
would I find -

Monday, February 6, 2012

I Can’t Sleep Tonight

Dark folds beneath my skin
which show the poisons path
will you caress this night
can you forgive my sins -
or did someone sell my soul.

What time is it
I can’t sleep tonight
do you have a watch
to catch my seconds .-.-.-.
as I peer through these eyes –
glasses of reality
searching for an angel
perhaps they’re just spies.

Lights on walls, which flicker by.....
coattails which don’t look back
like leeches drawing blood
what was it that they preached
as I watched them walk away
I am just a target of defeat.

Emotion prey on me
spinning through my blood
dark folds beneath my skin
leave me -------
searching for an end.

What time is it -
I can’t sleep tonight
is it morning yet
I’m tired of this spinning night.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Keeping Me From Rest

If I arch to you
I feel the studs behind the wall
and you soak into my mind.

I watch as your eloquence
befalls you
when you enter from the gloom.

Then your shadow falls on me
like a long unrest -
torn from a sleepless night.

You bathe me, while I wait
scratching shutters across my chest
ravishing my body
slipping between the sheets...unseen.

Keeping me from rest.

Have You Ever Tasted The Wind

Have you ever tasted the wind
the grit between your teeth
have you ever felt the air
or the sweetness of her lips
have you ever caressed the dirt
ran your fingers through her hair
made love upon the beach
kissed her breast
or made her gasp -
have you ever tasted the wind
while you embraced the stars.

Just Be A Friend

Have you ever seen a candle melt
wax dripping down its sides
imagine how the nightfall felt
when the darkness faded
and dawns hues
pushed it from the sky.

What can it be now – but trapped
on the other side
what will its future be
when everyone can see
that it clearly has its faults.

Don’t run away - stop pretending
forget all these airs - it’s alright
be who you are – be the darkest night.

When morning comes
bow your head –
and whisper to the wind
say goodnight to the stars
and blend with the sun –

Just be a friend.

Vacant Eyes

How can I talk
what does it achieve
laying unwanted -
nowhere to run
left plunging - immersed
in these vacant eyes...
there is no joy -
running far away
deep within
I hide.

Who would notice me
a single sigh.....
a breath
running through the dark
drifting - unattached
in this lifetime
nothing left
pieces on the floor
this part of the movie
far beyond a pause -
is never more


Who are you?

I’m not who.....
I turned out to be.
Well then
unless you let it go -
you’ll never know
because I see the clarity
waiting -
behind your eyes.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baskets Full Of Sin

Are you at the chapel
can you hear the bells
is that a wisp of hair
sailing from the tower
flapping like a flag -
no allegiance to the wind
is this my penance
for I cannot hear a note
Ten thousand-people
singing on a wooden bench
baskets full of sin
did I miss a step
is that a shadow by the door
or a heart -
skulking from within.