Monday, February 6, 2012

I Can’t Sleep Tonight

Dark folds beneath my skin
which show the poisons path
will you caress this night
can you forgive my sins -
or did someone sell my soul.

What time is it
I can’t sleep tonight
do you have a watch
to catch my seconds .-.-.-.
as I peer through these eyes –
glasses of reality
searching for an angel
perhaps they’re just spies.

Lights on walls, which flicker by.....
coattails which don’t look back
like leeches drawing blood
what was it that they preached
as I watched them walk away
I am just a target of defeat.

Emotion prey on me
spinning through my blood
dark folds beneath my skin
leave me -------
searching for an end.

What time is it -
I can’t sleep tonight
is it morning yet
I’m tired of this spinning night.

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