Saturday, February 25, 2012

You and Me

You confuse me
like a contradiction
with all your broken words
half truths – that barely fill a page
a language.... you’ve discerned.

You make me....believe
then you take it all away
without a moral compass
you’re unsure of your direction
but to you – it’s just a game.

You hold my heart of glass
all those....fragmented pieces
each one a story – from my past
and you forget -
that each broken shard –
is still... a little piece....
of me.

You are a conundrum
a puzzle without a whole
no edges to define - and
I’m sorry –
but you’re incomplete.

You are a friend – family
part of this domain
you are indeed...just you
with a little part – insane.

You see – I know who you are
and you.... well – you know me.

So know more games
no partial truths
no this.... or that...
just honesty between -

You.... and Me.

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