Saturday, March 3, 2012

If I Reached Out

If I reached out………..
far beyond where my heart touched
and just before my hand – fell away
would I find you there
or would the cold air -
take my breath… away.

Could I balance time
two-lives – one past its prime
could I lean on you….
like a drowning tree.

Can I sing with the choir
as we rock to the gospel…
can I meet John at the station -
and shake his hand
is it the midnight train…. number 21
will that take me…. to Galilee.

Did you hear the keys – on the piano play
to dancing little pachyderms’
did you hear the trumpets - -
they too – will fade away.

If I reached out………..
would you touch my hand -
would you wave goodbye
would you hold me –
in your heart….

If I reached out.

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