Sunday, March 4, 2012

You Are That Woman

Have you ever had a thought
a colour – that ravishes your mind
an all consuming happening
unbalancing – at the end---- of a line.

These dots, which don’t connect
or lights that live…. only in the dark
and all these numbers – lined up in a row.

Teacher….can you see me now
I’m the worn chair –
who sits behind this desk
you can’t see the logic
or see the tired tears
have you ever seen my face -
listened to my words.

When you watched me
I would watch the blue
just to change my mind
a comfort in the colour
unsure of what to do.

Then I found the pieces -
when I found you again
an explanation of my time
while I waited – to understand.

An extraordinary person
who explains me – to me
no lies – nothing undefined
just my tired world –
long since past suffering.

You are that woman -
who knows me
who never has to say a word.

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