Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Mountain Top

The mountain always talks
but rarely does it move –
as it holds it ground
like emotions held tight.
Steep howls –
cliffs, with juts and overhangs
words on the edge of a mouth
which just protrude
but never sing. 

Trees, that dance
and rocks ~ ~
that make the water play –
caves that hold the solitude
and bare scraggy tops
who know the stories
when young was young
and old –
has no meaning…
as it’s just another day
on the mountain top.

Amour ~ To Her Eyes

I watch the crescent moon
and wonder… what it has seen
to circle earth – spellbound
amour to the gravity.

I hold her gaze
and watch the depth of life ~ ~
swim by –
while I dream of dreams
of her and I…
as she draws me in
this pull I can’t resist
as I’m mesmerised
wrapped in all her awe
this magician…
like the moon to the earth
she holds me with a spell –
amour ~ to her eyes.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Until The End

How can one live
if they’re going
in the end –
to find a place
where one needs
to stand
to find the core
to find yourself –
in the end
you cannot fly
or stoop below
so why not stand
and smile
be a friend
and stay awhile
until the end…

Thursday, March 6, 2014

When Mine Disappear

She takes my emotions
and covers them up
no reality for her
as it’s my cross to bear.

Eyes tucked away
not a whisper or stare
just a lonely silence
that’s always…

But I don’t know how
to do different –
just how to do me.

So be far away
the distance is clear
but don’t justify
your emotions –
when mine

Locking In The Past

Her tongue is a key
on a ring of words –
that open memories
and lock away
what’s said.
So lead me out the door
to the swinging rusted gate
where all the skeletons
just lay around and wait
then turn the bloody key
locking in the past –
instead of me.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

It’s All That Remains

He sacrifices himself
in the mix of life
to convey a soul
regardless of a road
paved with tolls –
and a broken heart
a tear-filled voice
of humility…
and puzzled tones
caught between
these many layers –
painted by the years
of haunted eyes
hidden in dark corners
collars drenched with rain
and translucent skin…
now shows –
all that was seen
of a tired worn heart
as it’s all
that remains.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Now Walk

I now walk…
towards heavens road
to find a peace
which future holds –
and slip the binds
of sorrows weight
to stay the course…
to freedoms light.