Monday, October 31, 2011

I Took A Picture

This is what it is - whatever that may be…which I just don't know!
I took a picture
when I seen you standing there
this beauty, my angel
you're just a girl with dark hair.
A long line, while we stood in the rain
I had nothing to lose
what more could I gain
so I searched the rooftops
for a steeple to climb
but all I found were the shadows
of Rembrandts remains.
I took a picture
so close to my heart
a fading memory, for the day we depart
when the light around the corner
began to bend and a man in a grey coat
jumped the line, while a wife and two
children stood by.
When I look back
and up the secret annex of stairs
there were two girls standing there
and only one was 15.
I tried to take a picture
but I wasn’t allowed anymore
what else could I do
but close the doors to my eyes
so I could remember you.
I took a picture
when I seen you standing there
this beauty, my angel
a girl with dark hair.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What He Had Lost

The following poem is four tweets, expanded and tossed together.
Two wounded souls
on battles broken fields of hearts
- he bends to his sorrows end
and bleeds mercy, as she departs.

Oh such darkness when it comes
surrounds his shivers in the cold of blight
that he cries when his angels gone
for who will take him home… to you
when you're gone, to bury sorrows mourn.

But in the light of her reflective day
she returns to peel away - troubled thoughts
revealing life, beneath his scars of bark
to find a man she knew was there….
who's been too afraid to move.

So she placed a hand upon his heart
and held him to her ground
when removed, it was then that he had found
- what he had lost.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Does It Matter Anymore

If I'm alone with you
I'm at home with you
when you knock on my door
it's the only sound I need
I don’t need to hear any more.

But when you fade away
it's like the breeze on a windy day
I'm the only one who notices
and my heart just fly's the other way.

Does it matter anymore
when you forget that I'm here
sitting just behind the door
regardless of the miles, or the days
who remembers what it feels like
I do -
it's like a heavy heart of weight.

Everywhere I ride, I see you on a train
with all these broken tracks
on a trail that I can't find
but does it matter anymore.

Regardless of what you never say
I read between the lines
this dyslexia of thoughts
and convenience of your mind
words I want to hear
but never find.

Does it matter anymore
it still matters - to me.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

She Pulls Me

She pulls me like a tower rope
at the top of each hour gone by
each word spoken, claps a tone
then fades away - never says hello
or waves a kiss goodbye.

In my second life, I'll have an inner light
now….its two shades darker then the night.

I want a rose, without fickle thorns
no blood dripping in the morning rains
or burning pain, which sears my eyes
all scars left behind.

Coiled, deep inside - no longer will I go
what more could I give-up
when there's nothings left to hide
take what I have, or take nothing at all
take my loneliness - call me your fool
my loves yours, if you only knew - what to do.

No risks are free and no life is easy  
when the sky falls, that’s just the way it is
but you can always walk away
travel down that empty road and let your future go.

But I'm ready, if you pull me like a tower rope
let me hear your truth
just give me a chance and you'll be mine
back when time was young and our love grew
make me love you again, so I can hear the fading chimes
then forget the rope and just pull me to you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drifting Away

She caught me on the tide
as I was drifting away
she was the undertow
who pulled at my will
while I tried to run
never from her
but from me every day.

Legs in the water
heart in the sand
struggling to breathe
until she held my hand
a safe haven
between the deep bay
and her promised land.

She moves me
gentle lapping
swaying my soul
until I was dislodged
uncurled were my toes.

Now in a stream
I'm tethered to her
soft eyes and a dream
no longer am I
…..drifting away.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love Would Be Free

I waited for a long time
but she never came along
her heels, dragged the road
a deeper sign untold.

The trees whispered smoke
in the mornings dust
of the dawns second light
this sleeping menagerie
of a muddled mind
- churning sifted time
on the days first breath.

Some days, are a long day
when your falling from the sky
some days are hard days
when lavender turns to purple
under the shadowed eyes.

I walked through the door
with life running still
then noticed, I was left behind
with no one else to blame
as the leaves fell to the floor
I felt them all - like fallen trees.

When I thought about it
what else could I believe
she once promised me
that love…..
would be free.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Just A Heartbeat Away

She cried in the garden
as ghosts appeared
watching shadows
buried under stone
of her life, which disappeared.

Her light blue eyes
dripped sorry
unforgotten stains
of yesteryears
hiding her tears
in the rains… of tomorrow.

Then she cried in a drawer
a journal of memories
of long heard footsteps
now turned the other way
fading….behind a closed door.

One wall at a time
that crumbles away
shows the light
and a lover
who washes….
these shadows away.

Now she's my darling
in my river of veins
she lays next to me
just a heartbeat away.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Passion once ran through me
like wind in a valley
coursing through, now hollow veins
these rivers of hope -
now drained of dreams.

I rushed towards the mountains high
to only find disdain.

Friends like trees
who waivered in the wind
and uncaring vanity
on crowed beaches of cement
covered with icy stares.

I once knew passion
like the back of my hand
and felt love so deep
my knees would buckle
tears pouring on the ground
- but it was never found
and I…left crawling away.

If you looked in my eyes
you would see deep pools
passions waterfalls
which drown me….

You would see love on the beach
travelled hands, that explore
a mind that cries for you
you would see inner strength
which carries you away
and you would see me
- holding you.

You would see my passion
and we would devour life.

But life keeps trying to devour me
And  everyone else…
- just looks the other way

uncaring… about the passion
they just think…it's another day.

But I try to find the passion
- and you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Broken Heart

A broken heart
now split in two
no longer whole
these separate pieces
torn apart, by loves youth.

Like jagged edges
weeping, dripping….
mournings due.

Which cascade
past the edge
of memories
licking shaded wounds
of discoloured hues.

Are the tender days
of silken youth
splayed upon an ageless mind
then snatched away
unsown, by the thread of time.

But as cold earth, dusts….
my furrowed brow
it's I, who still weeps
- for you.