Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Passion once ran through me
like wind in a valley
coursing through, now hollow veins
these rivers of hope -
now drained of dreams.

I rushed towards the mountains high
to only find disdain.

Friends like trees
who waivered in the wind
and uncaring vanity
on crowed beaches of cement
covered with icy stares.

I once knew passion
like the back of my hand
and felt love so deep
my knees would buckle
tears pouring on the ground
- but it was never found
and I…left crawling away.

If you looked in my eyes
you would see deep pools
passions waterfalls
which drown me….

You would see love on the beach
travelled hands, that explore
a mind that cries for you
you would see inner strength
which carries you away
and you would see me
- holding you.

You would see my passion
and we would devour life.

But life keeps trying to devour me
And  everyone else…
- just looks the other way

uncaring… about the passion
they just think…it's another day.

But I try to find the passion
- and you.


  1. A cry for passion... What a beautiful poem!

  2. Where would we be without passion, indeed. What a delight this poem is to me. Thank you David. Bug hugs.

  3. try to find passion and you.

    love the ending.
    Happy Poetry Picnic.

  4. when we were young we had passion, we had lust, we had love, and then after awhile, so much pain, we choose to give it up.

    my entry http://zongrik.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/ms-ellie-shrillcock/

  5. An awesome write, David. I concur with the message and applaud the writing!


  6. such a great cry for passion when we are young we start off love and life with a lot of passion and in the end it seems that we have run out of steam and lose all our passion great write