Saturday, July 31, 2010

Days ago

A portrait of life you see
turmoil ridden, lost at sea
German wine and French BĂ©arnaise
Jumping Frogs and twisted days

I tumbled down a stair or two
while looking back at you

Intoxicated and besot
I wobbled round and drunk allot
those twisted tortured days of haze

A portrait of a life you see
not always what you want it to be
German wine and French BĂ©arnaise
Jumping Frogs and twisted days

Many days ago.

Friday, July 30, 2010

She drew a circle

She drew a circle upon her arm,
a closed and thoughtful mind within.

A tunnel view or a mind askew?

To breach the walls to enter the realm,
deep within the circle,
to reach the helm.

A fortress mind, of thought and skill
Years of living, tight within.
Always searching - where to begin.

Circle the wagons, circle the thoughts
No one enters, no one leaves
she is left, but does she grieve?

When the circle closes,
does it lock everyone out, or
does it lock her in - only to spin,
only to shout.

Do we stand off to the side,
always willing to abide.
Her thoughtless ways,
not meant to harm,
not meant to charm.

To breach the walls we try and try,
only left to sit and cry; she knows not why.
She only cares for thoughts within.

If I walk away today,
will she circle the wagons, and circle her thoughts.
Will she justify, as have and have not’s.
Will she care, or will she wave.

Will she open her circle,
and willing to save.
Not just her, but me the brave.

I can only breech the walls so far,
then I tumble, then I scar.

Close your mind, or close your will,
I fear it’s you, who will end,
by sitting still.

She drew a circle upon her arm,
a closed and thoughtful mind within.

I hope she sees the wisdom,

I hope she lets me in.

The soul of a child

The soul of a child makes the man

A weathered face and a steady hand

Words of wisdom from a generation

A father, a son, a grandson and on…..

An inspiration

A lifeline and a lifecycle

A generation past, a future infused with history

Was when all this began

A weathered face and a steady hand

The soul of the child makes the man

Nights are best to crush their hearts

Hearts are best crushed late at night
When the soul and mind are at their weakest

Set the course, slow and steady
Inch toward your final goal - show no pity

Slip between the conscious mind
into the heart you’ll find

A soft spot just below
Where feelings often grow

Nestle deep, and wait your stay
Soon will come your vengeful day

Light the spark, and spread the fear
Judgment day is near

Pull the dagger, words go deep
Splay the soul, tears they’ll weep

Nights are best to crush their hearts
Just beware, as yours may part.

Thoughts of the mind

To delve into my mind
is like looking into a bowl of rich melted chocolate
glistening, gooey and inviting.

Temptation to dip a finger into,
to taste the richness.

Are the rewards sweet, or
are they bitter to the palate of the mind.
The warm velvet sensation envelops,
like chocolate on the finger.
It slowly curls downwards,
dripping with temptation.
Succulent and inviting.

The heat of your mouth,
like your mind wrapping and savouring...
Imagining the depth of pleasure within.
Finally exploding with the caress of knowledge,
the mingling of minds, and
the beauty of thought.

Thoughts of the mind.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weight upon my shoulders

A weight upon my shoulders, like many soldiers bear

An unforgiving pressure, often with despair

Many a fraught, with unclear thoughts

To a life within, we always swim – drowning close at hand

And people viewing from the side, who judge us ...with distain

Yet they sit in bars; discuss world scars, as we, they think so vain.

We hold our rifles steady, still - no matter what they say

For we bear the bloody weight in life, to end we finally come

Regardless of the outcome, we knew the total sum

You walk amongst are youthful days, then hoist the weight we bear

Then come talk to us, and tell me your despair

Cheeks won’t turn, as yours once did, but shoulders will be squared

And hold you with such gentle care, despite your once disdainful stares.

Unlike those who judge from side

It’s we, who have walked these roads, who always will abide.

Magical Mind of Mine

Oh Magical mind of mine
It dances and sways to its own mystical ways
Oh magical mind of mine

Many days its straight and narrow
others, like a swooping sparrow
spins and turns, with many thoughts
drastic highs, and lows to die
this magical mind of mine

Why can’t you see, what’s inside of me
not what’s lost on the sea of me
don’t focus on this mind you see
but the bigger part of all of me

Oh, this magical mind of mine
this wonderful mystical sea of me
my mind is only part of me

This magical mystical fraction you see

This magical mind of mine.

The Light Shines

The Light shines on my window,
with each waking day.

Yet my nights are scarred by memories,
but who am I to say.

Dust has settled, and my eyes have cleared,
its the fog that worries,
as it rolls in near.

The spray splashes,
as dawn appears.

When my eyes open,
the light removes the fears.

The light shines on my window,
but the night is near.

The dust has settled,
but it’s still not clear.
Who is far, and who is near.

Each waking day, the dawn appears,
Let it wash away those midnight fears.

As the light shines upon my window.


From the shadows peers my past,
round the corner up at last.

Twinges, flashes, sparks, and ashes,
deep within the shadow passes.

Fire burning from within - glasses tipped, full of gin
while old men sitting often grin,
knowing well, the turmoil in

Shadows hidden for the day,
glowing embers close at bay.

Twinges, flashes, sparks, and ashes,
darkness full, then the clashes.

Hollow nights, begin to swallow,
surrounding madness, cold and hollow.

Twinges, flashes, sparks, and ashes,
Morning rises, and shadow passes.


Numbers here, there, not everywhere.

Most see voids and spaces, yet I see clear.

Sudoku puzzle, mind I fear – others consider to unclear.

Mental struggle always near, just to verbalize so others hear.

Life behind some eyes we see, not always, what we think to be.

Lives Apart

Lives apart, worlds between.
Golden moments seldom seen.

Heartache over years gone by.
Changes never made, but cried.

Then upon angelic song.
Deep of soul forever long.

A glimpse of what, expected been.
Aches the heart and soul - no sheen.

For ever quiet truth be told.
Gripping terrible, life must hold.

Dust to dust, with time between.
Glimmer of hope for new awakenings seen.

But as it stands, its just a dream.

Across from me

Upon the seat across from me
she sat with nervous smile you see
feet upon the window sill
mindful of the coming thrill

Checking numbers up and down
listening to the clacking sound
the train rolled on and into town

Missed the number 5 bus
looking at the two of us
off we strolled, bags in tow
up the road across the tracks
leaving all the trains and clacks

Dam Square came into sight
through the crowds, sun was bright
finally Spuistraat at the end
NH City Centre round the bend

Rooms of One then Two and Three
in the streets just you and me
shopping madness but not a spree
miles walked with many a thought
talking always but little bought

End of day and back was sore
following blindly, what’s the score
then we see it off to side
grinning broadly, feet a glide

Coco’s Outback in the door
Fosters, Cider feet on floor
life is good this day more
ending at the airport door
dreams are fading nevermore

Nervous smile with a gentle sigh
not hello, but goodbye

Words we spoke

My heart was torn upon your soul
you wretched it from the depth
if the only promise you had kept
in the bed where we had slept

The morning sun and gentle breeze
twilight moons, oceans and the seas
gentle caresses – weak at knees
thrashing heart and clinging pleas

Lies beneath the autumn leaves
colours changing as you please
solitude and respite
drunk upon your very sight

Meaning what I ask you now
as I flow upon the street
I only ask you ever keep
the words we spoke upon our meet.

Twenty one

I filled the space between the words
with Inner thoughts, seldom heard
I sang the songs to keep away
Crimson mind of bloody days

When I was twenty-one

Then she came from in the shade
To fix the life that I had made
Why don’t you tell your story to me
of things you never say
I’ll listen to you
I want to hear
you know I do, I promise you

Because I am twenty-one

You’re one day up and two away
it doesn’t matter I’m here to stay
At some point, you need me close
You know you do, and so do I

My earth trembles when I hear
what you did so far away
those things you never say

Because of days when you were twenty-one

So put your heart in my hand to stay
Together we’ll try to find a way
Lets fill those spaces which words can’t say

If I were twenty-one