Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weight upon my shoulders

A weight upon my shoulders, like many soldiers bear

An unforgiving pressure, often with despair

Many a fraught, with unclear thoughts

To a life within, we always swim – drowning close at hand

And people viewing from the side, who judge us ...with distain

Yet they sit in bars; discuss world scars, as we, they think so vain.

We hold our rifles steady, still - no matter what they say

For we bear the bloody weight in life, to end we finally come

Regardless of the outcome, we knew the total sum

You walk amongst are youthful days, then hoist the weight we bear

Then come talk to us, and tell me your despair

Cheeks won’t turn, as yours once did, but shoulders will be squared

And hold you with such gentle care, despite your once disdainful stares.

Unlike those who judge from side

It’s we, who have walked these roads, who always will abide.

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