Thursday, July 29, 2010

Magical Mind of Mine

Oh Magical mind of mine
It dances and sways to its own mystical ways
Oh magical mind of mine

Many days its straight and narrow
others, like a swooping sparrow
spins and turns, with many thoughts
drastic highs, and lows to die
this magical mind of mine

Why can’t you see, what’s inside of me
not what’s lost on the sea of me
don’t focus on this mind you see
but the bigger part of all of me

Oh, this magical mind of mine
this wonderful mystical sea of me
my mind is only part of me

This magical mystical fraction you see

This magical mind of mine.


  1. Took a chance eh??? Very well done! :) I guess I'm your first follower nonetheless...look forward to reading blogger blog is not as up to date as connecting with blogger, but please check out wordpress -

  2. PoeticHeart: Thank you very much! I have reviewed your poems, and I’m in love with your words. This is all very new to me, and I am not even close nor do I think I ever will be to the eloquence and depth of your poems. Nonetheless, and despite the crudeness of my abilities, I will endeavor to write my feelings, good or bad. Must try eh! :-))) Take care, David

  3. You are far too kind, ayyy am no different a writer than any other. Our emotional words in every respect are beautifully created from each of us within as indivuals!! I am finding your words to be a nice reward here to, for my eyes to have the chance to read. Without others' influence/ inspirations in every emotion, perhaps we'd not a thing to write of... :) An honor in your company! Any help I can be, please let me know, many great writers online, known, who are of great help. :) April