Monday, January 30, 2012

Are You A Siren

When the track ends
is that where I get off
or where my journey begins.

Do I walk alone
am I wasting time
is this the right station
will there be strings.

Should I wait in a queue
will you recognize me
or shall I ask for you.

Are you a siren
do you have wings
will you wave to me
seduce me
or destroy me -
when you sing.

Just Another Gnome

What compels me
to find those things
what sunset do I seek
what avenues to walk
is destiny a corner
just around the block
do cobblestones meet pavement
or does the dirt road
always lead to rock
Am I lost
will I ever be the same
should I wander past the stars
have I travelled too far
what compels me
to search for you
to find my nook of heaven
cradled in your breast
kiss the splay of pedals
until you lay at rest
do the fires burn
does such a life exist
will I find the flames
or burn in hell
while they laugh at me in jest
can I find my way back home
or toil in the garden
as just another gnome.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Have You Seen My Angel

There are a million stories
who can tell them all
from where I was
to where I am.

Have you seen my angel
the one that looks for me
with wide wings and round eyes
have you heard her sing.

All I wanted -
was a breath..... of air
just before I drowned
- it’s very dark
between these walls
but once you’re there
it’s only you.

Now I watch the others
disappear -
but they don’t even know.

Have you seen my angel
she is my willow –
my weeping tree
long arms, she wraps around -
holds me...

In the shadowed ground – I sit
moments of delivery
closed eyes; I watch the fallen
as my angel .....
keeps my tears –
hidden from the others
as she watches -
over me.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Never Went Away

Could you talk to me
without a word
or sing without the rain.

Would you show me
your surprise
if I abstained
and never said - goodbye.
Would you hear me
if I never spoke....
would my love
be crystal clear.
How can I see you
if I can’t breathe
or dance amongst the leaves
when the darkness
falls around me.
Could you talk to me
without a word
or sing without the rain.
Could you say goodbye
if.... I never went away.

Do I Still Exist

Hanging from a rope
watching people...pass by
who are they
doesn’t matter
I only want....
to watch the fading sun.

Can you kiss me now
hold me in your arms
I only want a moment
to rest....on a bed of hope.
I waited
but you were late
when you ran to me
I had a ticket
on a different plain
to destiny.
Now free from ambiguity
the question is
do I still exist.   

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Is Alzheimer’s

These grandfather thoughts
spill from me...........
ancient twisted bones
hollow buoyancy
of tarnished grey
lost shape and elasticity.

Now twines of gymnast
unbalanced on a beam
forgotten moments
a clock upon a wall
no time for dancing.

A leather chair -
void of any tune
piano keys that scream
depressible levers
octaves between....
black and white.

A multitude of plaque -
symbols on a cowered wall   
the cortex cringes
and the flowered stem...

What is alzheimer’s
but a fear I can’t remember.

Friday, January 20, 2012


How can I call to you
when all my words are silt
buried - underneath my heart
how can I feel
with everything
I’ve felt?

I’m too tired to shout
too hoarse.

Where were you
when I couldn’t be found
too afraid to hear the thunder
when I lost my ground.

So when I’m on my own
don’t squeeze me.

Hold me
take away the cold
stop me from crying
and bring me home.

I forget what I knew
but I knew I loved you.

Don’t banish me
nor see my faults
don’t take away my breath
for all I have .... are stars....

and you.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Your Polidicktate Flag

Your polidicktate flag
is draped across your chest
while you sit... stuck
in the depth of your righteous chair
wet flatus.... dripping from your mouth
I’m looking through you
to see - your insides are jellified.

The morality of my patience –
is worn down for you.

So trundle off – to a stop or three
no money for the hungry
no value for the trees
nothing for the river –
only words... that flow.

All I hear now – is the quiet.

As you head off -
towards the twilight of the dead
elusive is the west – all the politicians
each state ... meant for us
dark rooms, where papers lie in jest.

Flags are burning – hidden
in the dark of night.

While you feast on bodies –
left out...suffering in the cold.

When all we want to do
is come home -
and drink the warmth of truth.

She Pushed Me

He cast his shadow
to see what he can reel
a splash of smoky shape
now, no shape at all.

Cold ice under foot
a steep hill without a slope
she pushed me.

Please -
don’t ever touch me
until you hear me fall.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Those Hues - of Blue

I first drew an image, to see if she was true
or was my hand influenced
by the renaissance
painted in the aftermath of hues.


What choice did I have...
but to dance... upon her ivory thighs
stark white keys, waiting to be played
soft music - high notes --- and sighs.

Tell me – is there a better way to paint
then with your fingers – and your eyes?

But she took--- liberties with me
and spilt my soul______
until her brackish night was full.

Unsatisfied, she took my brush
in soft deep tones...of hush
she made me - the mistress... of her house
my fire, now burnt amongst the canvases -
of her un-kindled flames.

But how could I - a master painter
not find the light – deep within
to revitalize her darkest moods.

So with my palette in hand
I stroked her canvas
till I seen my wanting ways
then I painted her
and took away....
those hues - of blue.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Atop The Pier

Your words bear a heavy tread
what else need you say -
that you haven’t said.

Crushingly, my pillow fills with tears.

Who are you to brandish me
a torn flag who flutters in the wind
or a symbol burned upon the ground.

I may be lost, but no longer counting fears.

Carelessly you domineer
tethering me –
you tie my hands,
so I may never feel the truth - of you.

Dump me in the river – wash my years.

What fool I am to you
these outstretched arms
to catch your casting stones
my pockets may be full –
but no longer do I feel the weight of you.

I used to feel the water - but now, I stand atop the pier.

I Hear

All I hear
is the cry of the trees
as they lean away
anchored in their beliefs.

We all watch
as their leaves – fall away
the earth screams
and the light fades
greens, purples, reds – decay
a year is mulched away.

Life erodes
to only be enriched
eyes and heart blossom
all the stars – seek a new day
all the broken limbs
sprout again
born upon the wind.

Now I hear
the Mockingbirds
and the soothing beauty
as a songbird nest.

Now I hear the life
which grows around
the trees.

And now I hear the life -
in me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whispers Love

Can you feel the breath of dawn
this sensuous whispered sigh,
which dissipates the clouds
and strokes the moaning hills.

Tender lips like feathered feet
snared drums
my heart beats………….

Horizontal, till the golden mound
raging oaks-----pine…..
heaven parts
can you feel it now -
the breath of dawn
as the morning -

waves upon a lake
raging falls,
gasping at the earth
liberating senses
tastes the dew…..
as morning purrs.

Then feel the breath of dawn
as it whispers love -
to you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In The Mist

She held me -
as if I belonged to her
nothing else existed
no wind, no trees -
no leaves.

A mountain
trapped between two valleys
a trickle and a stream
a place where dreams are held
captured - but unheard.

So precious is the sound
wrapped in rain
droplets, which began
like smooth morning jazz
a clarinet
closed eyes - and
dancing fingertips….
on my ivory skin.

Morning's tender lips
which kisses me
suspended -
in the mist…..