Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Those Hues - of Blue

I first drew an image, to see if she was true
or was my hand influenced
by the renaissance
painted in the aftermath of hues.


What choice did I have...
but to dance... upon her ivory thighs
stark white keys, waiting to be played
soft music - high notes --- and sighs.

Tell me – is there a better way to paint
then with your fingers – and your eyes?

But she took--- liberties with me
and spilt my soul______
until her brackish night was full.

Unsatisfied, she took my brush
in soft deep tones...of hush
she made me - the mistress... of her house
my fire, now burnt amongst the canvases -
of her un-kindled flames.

But how could I - a master painter
not find the light – deep within
to revitalize her darkest moods.

So with my palette in hand
I stroked her canvas
till I seen my wanting ways
then I painted her
and took away....
those hues - of blue.