Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Till The End

Can you imagine an empty stage and a man (person) standing in the middle. A man caught without the whirl of life around him. No past, no future, no hope and no expectations of love. But when standing alone - is when love finds him, and finds you.  
There was no sound
only the silence---- -
of an empty space.
A stage without a prop
an actor without a word -
and no curtain.....
Four paces left - - - -
four to the right
and there he stood...
stark-still -
hidden behind his eyes
a mind.... prowling
through the night.
Then there she was -
a luminescence of light
like a church stained window
humanity, benevolence...
at the end of the stage -
at the end of the day
till the end.....
of a life.

Bound To His heart

She stood there proud…
and then she was gone
only the smell of clean soap - remained.
Hair tied back - a struggled pain of grin
with eyes~~~ like a moonlit sea -
and arms.... which wrapped around
now bound to his heart - -
Are these memories!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Nowhere Else He Needs To Be

His thoughts are of a forest
All trees now stumps
Roots buried deep and still
Memories reaching for water - -
to moisten there dust of will
and with his eyes closed…..
the sun brightens, the day
as he looks out blankly
with nowhere else he needs to be -
nor wishes…… to go.

My Refuge Of Night

She was my refuge of night
As I spun like a frail thread in the wind
Always dangling on edge
Unsure of which web – to grasp
She was hope!
a sobriety of life…..
amongst  a drunken world.
She was a heartbeat of words
each pause - - which filled me
and each breath – a quiet sunset
when I kissed her blush lips.
As they to - were……
my refuge of night.

Taste Of The Wind

A calloused heart
A hand – once smooth
A brush of cheek
A tear let loose……
The taste of salt – from the brine of years
Now on whispered lips – float fragile words – and fears
About the joys of green wood, from the cradle…..
To the sins now told, at the foot of the plot
When the taste of the wind…..
now changes.