Saturday, August 31, 2013

Still - In The Air

He tumbles out words
to lighten –
his despair.

Yet still he can’t breathe
as his thoughts are heavy –
and drenched…. of her.

If only it was simple….
to stop feeling
as he can taste the bitterness
of words
which now remain – still
… in the air.

Friday, August 30, 2013

There Stood The Garden

There stands
a single rose –
a thorn
with sweetness
within its folds.

There stands the weary vase
half filled with water
to drink from –

There stood the garden
where the ballet –
was born.

Now where stands
tranquility –
where a friendship
once formed.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

In The End

A different style, from my normal writing:

You thought you had a heart
like a queen on a page –
a hard card, with torn edges
a song…. without a note or a promise –
just words, which are weapons
you’re an obstacle, who inspires
with big dreams
but a soul…. which isn’t rich
you’ll end laughing alone
at the end of the day –
like an echo……
which cries out…. in my head
until my eyes found the wall
no exits – so I couldn’t get away.

So I said –
where you live, is where life is now
and nothing changes
but she took me to the top floor
so I could see the world
a breath of life
with a pocket of dust –
and a worn old penny
so we could see what haunts me
and she said
I often think of you
and it’s not a room of rumours
so why cry
you can’t escape on a tear drop
and home –
is where acceptance lives
and isn’t that what matters –
in the end.

Friday, August 16, 2013

I Hope To Find The Sun

I won’t be coming back
because the days are growing cold
life is like that – when….
too many hearts are being folded
and arms are being closed.

So an ending must begin
and the curtains
they can flutter.

That’s when I feel so old
when the stage –
turns to dark
and my love….
turns cold – .

Yet everything
still feels all right
that’s when I become alive –
but tonight……
I won’t be coming back
for tomorrow
I hope to find the sun
just below the moon.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Call Your Arms

How do you not drown
when she sheds a thousand tears –
or break –
when you carry all those words
too many
too long.

What happened to that freedom
when feelings
didn’t turn to lies
and that fire –
didn’t burn….. her flame.

If you looked inside
you’d understand the same
no words to fuel the fire
or wind, to falsely fuel….
that natural desire.

Pull me closer
swim to me
touch me with your fingertips
kiss me with your eyes….
and cheer me up
with little words – that tenderly
make love to me.

So don’t be that strong
because my heart…
is stronger – than that
and all I want…..
is to be within….
that home –
I call your arms.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Reality of Me

From the outside –
what do you see…..
as you peer in at me
do you see what you believe
or this feigning mirror
made from make-believe
or do you see
the inside –
past the veil
which shrouds
the reality, of me.