Sunday, August 18, 2013

In The End

A different style, from my normal writing:

You thought you had a heart
like a queen on a page –
a hard card, with torn edges
a song…. without a note or a promise –
just words, which are weapons
you’re an obstacle, who inspires
with big dreams
but a soul…. which isn’t rich
you’ll end laughing alone
at the end of the day –
like an echo……
which cries out…. in my head
until my eyes found the wall
no exits – so I couldn’t get away.

So I said –
where you live, is where life is now
and nothing changes
but she took me to the top floor
so I could see the world
a breath of life
with a pocket of dust –
and a worn old penny
so we could see what haunts me
and she said
I often think of you
and it’s not a room of rumours
so why cry
you can’t escape on a tear drop
and home –
is where acceptance lives
and isn’t that what matters –
in the end.

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