Sunday, July 28, 2013

Faded Memories

You try to understand
on one hand -
everything makes sense
but the other hand
a piece of van Gogh's ear
a distorted story.....
just filled with lines - - -
a pretty little puzzle
with smooth round corners
light hair and eyes
then jagged little pieces -
majestic, in appearance
with clarity and thought
until you hit a dark wall
and no crystal ball -
to see.
then nothings left-
but smoke and mirrors
and faded............

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Forever – Is Not That Far Away

I found myself
in my voice, but –
still need to breathe
and one breath…..
is not enough
as I drift along
at the bottom…..
of this minds – sea
but is fear enough
or just too much
when you have…..
a crying tongue
and each word
follows…. too close behind
and your lips….
fall out of love
but they can’t tell you why
just that forever –
is not that far away.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Well Of Words

Have you ever drank
from a dusty well of words
or choked on the fat….
of longing –
or seen the life - - -
fade from her eyes.

As each brick
slides….. all the way down
deep –
into the circle.

A bonfire –
of destitute and phrases
and thoughts…..
like rats, which scurry by.

Dot's and marks…..
and scribbles
words which make us cry –
but can you not throw your pail
and pull-up –
just those simple words.

The ones….
which make you smile!

Long Gone

Long gone
is the rhythm of raindrops -
as he fades into the silence
like mist.... on a summers day.

Faint ink......
voices now unheard
such moments erased
as if the words - - -
just leaked away.........