Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twenty one

I filled the space between the words
with Inner thoughts, seldom heard
I sang the songs to keep away
Crimson mind of bloody days

When I was twenty-one

Then she came from in the shade
To fix the life that I had made
Why don’t you tell your story to me
of things you never say
I’ll listen to you
I want to hear
you know I do, I promise you

Because I am twenty-one

You’re one day up and two away
it doesn’t matter I’m here to stay
At some point, you need me close
You know you do, and so do I

My earth trembles when I hear
what you did so far away
those things you never say

Because of days when you were twenty-one

So put your heart in my hand to stay
Together we’ll try to find a way
Lets fill those spaces which words can’t say

If I were twenty-one

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