Thursday, July 29, 2010

Across from me

Upon the seat across from me
she sat with nervous smile you see
feet upon the window sill
mindful of the coming thrill

Checking numbers up and down
listening to the clacking sound
the train rolled on and into town

Missed the number 5 bus
looking at the two of us
off we strolled, bags in tow
up the road across the tracks
leaving all the trains and clacks

Dam Square came into sight
through the crowds, sun was bright
finally Spuistraat at the end
NH City Centre round the bend

Rooms of One then Two and Three
in the streets just you and me
shopping madness but not a spree
miles walked with many a thought
talking always but little bought

End of day and back was sore
following blindly, what’s the score
then we see it off to side
grinning broadly, feet a glide

Coco’s Outback in the door
Fosters, Cider feet on floor
life is good this day more
ending at the airport door
dreams are fading nevermore

Nervous smile with a gentle sigh
not hello, but goodbye

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