Thursday, October 20, 2011

She Pulls Me

She pulls me like a tower rope
at the top of each hour gone by
each word spoken, claps a tone
then fades away - never says hello
or waves a kiss goodbye.

In my second life, I'll have an inner light
now….its two shades darker then the night.

I want a rose, without fickle thorns
no blood dripping in the morning rains
or burning pain, which sears my eyes
all scars left behind.

Coiled, deep inside - no longer will I go
what more could I give-up
when there's nothings left to hide
take what I have, or take nothing at all
take my loneliness - call me your fool
my loves yours, if you only knew - what to do.

No risks are free and no life is easy  
when the sky falls, that’s just the way it is
but you can always walk away
travel down that empty road and let your future go.

But I'm ready, if you pull me like a tower rope
let me hear your truth
just give me a chance and you'll be mine
back when time was young and our love grew
make me love you again, so I can hear the fading chimes
then forget the rope and just pull me to you.

1 comment:

  1. A rather heavy poem, never the less... a beauty!