Monday, March 19, 2012

I Was Left To Listen

I gave her my hope
even when I had no strength
to wind the clock of time
and I was left to listen –
to her fade…… further away.

She would hide within the minutes
not a moment would –
or could she spare
just a second hand
a third wheel
nothing worth…. keeping
like a life without a beat –
left to fall apart
nothing left to give her
but a heart
at the end of a torn sleeve.

But I was left to listen
as she had no time of day
no seconds left…to say
or no time to give away.

I was left to listen
as she laughed between those seconds
because all she said…..
was she had no time
and what she had –
she wouldn’t waste
on me….

So I was left to listen
between the beats of time
in the hope that she would hear
the ticking…..
of my forgotten sound.

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