Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Beneath The Sun

I’m sailing away
with all these thoughts
a windy mind……
on a stormy day.

Did the sea of me…. change
when you stood
and never spoke a word
you just remained the same
but then you said you would.

You said you loved me
but can’t reap what you sow
instead you…. tore me apart
like dark clouds – and the rain.

As I sail away, your soul –
invades my night
all this grey… which breathes the air
just fades my moon –
then fades away… the traces of you.

All these pieces – left in my mind
and they and I – miss you
so don’t tear us…. apart
when the day is done
hold out your hand – and look for me
I’ll be waiting –
just beneath the sun.

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