Sunday, August 1, 2010

Deep within

The brow creased deep,
seeds of doubt sewn within.

A tapestry of life woven
by hardship and by design.

Colourful threads intertwined
warped upon the walls of the soul.

A pictorial of life;
consisting of a distinctive character.
Rich and intense,
like deep purple, strewn against
an evening sky.

Life’s seeds thrown into a garden.
Discarded like shocking sketches upon
the pages of one’s life.

Deep within,
saturated, with luminescent worries,
growing wider and as deep as the
furrowled brow upon the face of a sorrowed life.

Deep within,
lays the heart of a lion,
a majestic soul, and
a painful past of worries
long held tight upon the breast.

Deep within a tapestry of life,
held by a worn threadbare mind.

Deep within, deep within

Deep within

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