Monday, October 15, 2012

Invisible To You

Why am I invisible to you
you're always just a stranger
when I'm on the inside of me
looking outside for you.

Then time goes by
even when your arms are wide
the numbers don't add up
it's all about convenience
just an infinity
but in the end, the answer's just a lie.

Now all the words are difficult
the many questions end in why
but some words never change
you're just a person
some days you pretend to care
and other days you hide.

Why am I invisible to you
when I'm on the inside of me
that's when I'm looking outside for you.

You know the way the world turns
you've spun their before
when you're upside down
I've always tried to hold up the sky
and blow away the clouds.

So why am I invisible
when it really should be you.

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