Monday, December 10, 2012

My Journey Had Begun

I stood at the foot
of the mountain pass
to watch the clouds gather
then I watched the hills dance.

What a sight I claimed
as travellers passed by
one then two….
and many groups more -
have you been to this dance before
I said -
as they dug their heels in
and swayed to the tune
of the mountain side.

But I swear on the wind
I could taste the sea and the salt
and the sweat of the land
as the music played on
so I stopped for a breath
at the refuge Orisson.

In the morning - crisp and fresh
I donned my boots
for what better way is there to start
then to dance again.

So I waited for the whistling wind
before I sprang to life
and although I carried quite a load
I felt all the weight slip off
as I glided free amongst the clouds
and weaved between the valley'd trees
it was then that I knew -
that from this dance floor
my journey had begun.

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