Friday, September 28, 2012

When We Meet Again

Upon the rays of morning's sun
are the cheers, of all the loves we've won
and the brightness deep of mind is set
so when the turn of life has come
we'll not wither as the dust befalls
but remember well, as our eyes close in rest.

For I've dreamt the dream a thousand times
and felt the freshness of your pale loves skin
on tenderness of lips, from heart to breath
which I now recall with clarity,
as I view these translucent hands.

But on the morn, not so long ago
when your passion, once set the time of day
would bring rise to my mornings sun
and your smile would set the stage
for those rose coloured cheeks
would blossom as we frolicked in our play.

So now, I watch the evening set
and count each remembered star
for there are no tears to weep
as I rest my weary head
and leave these roots behind,
as our life will surely bloom
on that day - when we meet again.

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