Monday, November 26, 2012

NEWS - My Book Is OUT! :-)

My book has been approved for distribution this morning and is available immediately at this site:

And will be available at the following sites within the timeframes indicated:

- 5-7 Business Days
- Amazon Europe: 5-7 Business Days
- Expanded Distribution channels: 6-8 Weeks
Note this is the actual "Trade Paperback" version and not an eBook.

Additionally, this has been a long time in the making and a wonderful creative means, which has helped me tremendously in dealing with some of my military experiences.

So whether it sells a single copy or not, it is and always has been the process, which has been the most important factor.  Just as important, are the lessons to my children that regardless of what life heaps upon you, there is always a means to find a positive solution.

Most importantly, I wish to thank everyone who has supported me and my poetry, which I appreciate, is not always the best nor the most feel good type.  However, it is always real and is always a part of me - creatively that is :-)

So thank you all!



P.S. I realise I rarely respond or make personal comments, but that has more to do my PTSD than any other reason.  So please don't misconstrue my lack of comments for insolence, as that is far from the case and I enjoy ready everyone's comments, which are greatly appreciate.


  1. The book is now available on Amazon US, UK and Europe.

  2. Replying to comments. Interacting with others, may improve sales!

  3. Hi Sabio, your advice is appreciated and in fact being adopted as I type :-) I'll be a bit bold here, step outside of my box and briefly explain (although I appreciate that it's not necessary).

    I suffer from PTSD (and a mild form of Aspergers), which causes some anxiety. I normally write my poetry in seconds to minutes (5 to 10 at most), then post without review.

    Additionally, interacting has its challenges for me and I can become overwhelmed, so I tend not to do it. Nothing personal is meant by this.

    One of the reasons I chose Twitter, was to broaden and challenge myself. I've actually had 4-accounts, at different times over the last 3-years, reaching over 2000 followers on 2 of the accounts. Sadly, it took its toll on me and I became completely overwhelmed and deleted the accounts. I've now reopened an account (RefugeInsomniac) and have adopted a new approach. Doing this is vital on many fronts, especially creatively.

    I hope this explains my situation to some degree and that others do not make assumptions or misconstrue my lack of communications, as I do try. Cheers, David