Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Destiny

I cannot send you love today
for I cannot see your eyes.

A day to watch the river
the current of emotions
a train of thoughts…..
which rumble by.

I long to understand
what my heart – just gave away
to feel the breeze of words
or the tears…. that come.

I cannot send my love today
for in your absence
I knew… that you forgot my name.

A pretty flower – open to the sun
now looks down… upon the earth
she forgets about the shadows
when the lights go dim.

I cannot send my love today
for your eclipse has turned me cold.

So I’ll walk towards the sun
towards the sea
and feel the waves….. awash
until my heart is wrung of tears.

I cannot send my love today
until your words…. refresh your purity
and our destiny –
has been renewed.

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