Friday, July 4, 2014

Where Words Fail

You say words express –
inspire –
they speak of love
and life
and desire

Words are like milk
creamy…. smooth
silk upon your tongue –
or sour
turning inner peace
to acidic bile.
- - -

My heart dances
to the rhythm of a moonlit night
a shimmer of time
on the water of life –

As words, pour from her
running down me
like sweat that drips from my temples –
and no summer breeze can cool.
- - -

Then words bite,,,
as the rabid dog snarls its teeth –
gnashing, grinding
each letter defined by blood.
- - -

Words are speechless
when no meaning

The only truth
lies within –

So watch the eyes
the nervous twitch
for this is where words fail –
when they cannot describe
the darkness
from the spell of light.

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