Friday, November 4, 2011

Who am I

I hoped for a dream
so I could peel back the seams  
of a life on the other side.

I flipped channels
on a broken TV mind
how could I describe
what I couldn't find.

I never had a clue - about you
or you I.

I couldn't find my way
all the signs were faded
and my dreams just lead the other way.

I chased you….
how could I give up
when each page, made more sense - to me.

I must be crazy
just a fellow in the dark
without any kind…. of sensibility
only these feelings for you.

I desperately fight
breathing midnight candles
to light a darkened moon
so I can harvest these emotions
which continue to grow.

I just know….
I just know, that dreams come true
because without you….
who am I

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