Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flutter By

I wait for time
but it seems…… to just slip by
while I press my fingers
to the evening sky – in the hope…..
that I can catch a dream.
I stood upon the windowsill
and watched the clouds float by
then sat and rocked a while…..
talking to my knees.
I walked the dog
and he listened quite politely
he never said a word
as I chatted aimlessly away –
but never once did I catch an eye
than again, who could tell…..
as they walked the other way.
I bought a watch – and wound it tight
then listened as it ticked . . . . . .
what a maddening sound that was
which left me with a choice –
to sit and stare and watch……
as time slipped away –
but in the end. . . . . I tossed it out
and bought a book of poems –
Now each day I love to read
and watch in disbelief…….
as the pages fly away –
but that’s the beauty of life and words
like butterflies and dreams –
the magic’s caught in moments
then we watch it……. flutter by……..

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